Saturday, November 21, 2009

Missed Cycle

How did the medical centre missed the pregnancy ... ?? She said she also did not know she was pregnant, I saw her today and was surprised to see her bump. "Looks like you are at least 4 months pregnant..!" I said to her.

She fears that the company would fire her. I don't think it was her fault, when she did the medical check up, they tested her urine, if it was detected then that she was pregnant, she would not be working for the company today. She joined the company only a couple of months ago, so, I think she was already pregnant by then. 

She looked so worried, told her there's nothing to worry and she should just focus on her job and take care of herself. I guess her confirmation will also be delayed, that's fair, you think?? No company would want to hire a pregnant woman, why? Rugi LO ... In less than 9 months, the company would have to pay full salary for a 2 months confinement period. Some only give 45 days leave ... what ever. But even if the woman was hired when she is not pregnant, being knocked-up within first 3 months on the job (still on probation period) would be an 'embarrassment'. 

"You crazy...??! Cannot get pregnant now maaa.... What will the boss say??"

Yes, we do care what the boss would say. We know know laa... paham paham le. Maybe can 'try' for the baby in the 2nd year on the job. What?? Because no boss will be happy when we come up to them and say.. "Boss... I'm pregnant". So, have to fight the 'forces of nature'. Meaning, use the french head, take contraceptive pills or shoot it outside lah!!

Umm... I never take contraceptive pills. Darling hubby never allowed it. He'd rather sacrifice the pleasure .. ehem ehem... if you know what I mean. There there... think I said enough. It does happen, not knowing what's happening to our own body. I wait for my menses every month and take note of the dates. I was late four times ... and it really was obvious to me that I was pregnant because my cycle is always very regular. 

WHEN MEN ARE YOUNG .....................

... they're mildly, well, obsessed with sex. Why is that? Men In their twenties are interested in things they can touch and feel. Bodies are something to derive pleasure from. As men age, though their testosterone production - along with their sex drive - can decrease, and many begin to notice a woman's brain before her bra size. (read more *here*)


elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

this remind me of a teacher I knew who gets pregnant every year. The Head-teacher said need to have a standby teacher for her every year as well. but at this point.. kesian the budak2, but again... who are we to fight with the nature calling kan?

btw, happy birthday to Borneo Love. had missing out a lot lately. was so occupied that I cant even make my round ^^

Ida Athanazir said...

yeah.. i'm also missing a lot of rounds dear.

thanx Ely dear!

Funny story, standby teacher every year for the same teacher .. dah rezeki nak buat macam mana?? :))

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