Thursday, November 26, 2009

Handy Pick

Abang is home, so glad he's home. There's someone to drive, someone to make coffee for me, someone to snuggle with, someone to ask money from, someone to be manja manja with, someone to go pay the bills, someone to fix the pipe ... Ya!! The pipe broke la last week...!! The last thing I need is a dysfunctional pipe, specially when sayang isn't around. And it was at 11pm at night, Seri woke me ... 

"Ma..! The water wouldn't stop ... !!"

"What do you mean..??" I was half awake. Went straight to the kitchen and had to shut down the main pipe, outside the house. How to live like that? Turning the main pipe on and off and  back on and off again and again and again ...  No choice but had to figure something out, by myself!! Called sayang just to let go of my anger, angry towards the non stop pouring water.

I called Azhar (our grass cutter) first thing Saturday morning (supposed to go to Kota Semarahan that morning with 2 colleagues), knowing how handy he is and asked him if he could fix the pipe, at 7 in the morning! Had to shower at some point, turn back the main pipe on and the kitchen sink started to fill up, non stop. Wasted so much water. Thank god Azhar fixed it in no time and I was late for 1 hour meeting my colleagues.

We women ... aiyo....... Maybe some of you know these things, me ... ??! Aiya! Don't think I can even fix a flat tire. Must learn lo. 

'La.'     'Lo.'     'Le.'      where did that come from? Oh well, there is always someone to call at SOS moment. When the time comes, you'll know what to do ... Pick up the phone and pick out someone to trouble!  :))

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