Sunday, November 29, 2009

Free Experiences

Free goody bags!! I love free stuffs! Who doesn't?? I've been carrying the LKW for few weeks now. Rather than carrying my back pack around during the day specially if I'm just out there to fetch the kids or get some lunch, I'd just dump my phones and my purse with some stationeries in the cute black bag.

I was so excited when sayang handed me the Helo carry-on, smaller & cuter!! And I'm gonna like this one better because I would not be too tempted to dump so many items inside. And again it is so cute!

I was at the Borneo Convention Center earlier this month, took turns with my two other colleagues tending to our booth. That's where I got the LKW bag, from the neighboring booth. The BCC is huge and the set up was done equally of a 5 Star Hotel. Then we were invited to attend the State Dinner ... ooooo... D State Dinner. I got a close look at Tun Dr M, my favorite politician. I enjoyed the food but it ended quite late, around 11:30pm.
Day ~ BCC

Night ~ State Dinner @ DUN

The VVIP Seatings

You have to get all dressed up for this kind of function, not really for me. Too formal ... 'Black Tie' they call it. For experience, okay lah. And it's free!! My throat felt a bit itchy that night, had to hold my coughing while the VVIPs were doing their speech. And I was sitting next to my boss ..! Hee hee.. but my boss is cool. We were both busy taking pictures of ourselves & the food, no ... nothing about work came up. The food, the table settings, the ambiance ... it was very nice but I was already so sleepy halfway ~_~


khairul onggon said...

wow... kmk sukkk nangga makanan sia eheh.. grrr..

Ida Athanazir said...

sapa sapa pun diberik makanan sedap mesti suk abis! steak ya lembut abis, and very tasty.

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