Sunday, November 1, 2009

D dot dot Nugget

Sunday mornings ... I love our Sundays. All of us together, having breakfast. Abang loves baked beans on toast with egg. And coffee, of course!

I bought the Ramly nugget about a week ago, because my sister in law Fini told me this tastes very close to the one sold at one of the most popular fast food place. She said.. "Get the tempura style, it really tastes like the ones you buy at *dot dot*".

Having fast to cook food in the house is something I really need nowadays, sometimes really do not know what else to eat when you're eating too much outside food. I tried a few brands and seldom buy more when I ran out of stocks in my fridge.

But this Chicken Nuggets by Ramly, you all!! MAMAS & PAPAS (yes, also to all you papas out there who's wives are also busy working carik rezeki for your family too) go get a bag (I got myself 2 bags) and try it for yourself. My husband had one bite and he DOES NOT eat chicken nugget okayyyy...! He finished his 2-piece share. He said.. "Oh Yes! It is the *dot dot* nugget!!".


f.i.e.z.a said...

kak ida, u should try the sotong goreng tepong by ramly.nanngggg nyaaammsss esp to those yg suka suntong la.ramly nang nugget pun nyaman cecah ngan tartar sauce.makes me go gaaa gaaaaaaaa.hehhe

Ida Athanazir said...

Fieza, kmk sebenarnya baruk realize Ramly pun products.. dolok bg Athan nang suka Ramly burger but sik ada jual ctok agik. Macam kenak block masok sarawak jak.

But I'm glad I discover the nugget ayam and I should try the others too, like what u recommend!!

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