Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ayu's Last Day

I really cannot believe it, Ayu's last day of school is today! Yes ... the end of her school days ... Feel sad for her, I can still remember her first day in her Kiddy & Standard One. Got three pairs of pinafores and only to be worn during the first week. Muslim girls must wear kurungs .. No gowns!

Ayu will be sitting for her SPM next week, InsyaAllah her friends & she will do well. Can only pray for their success. Untuk menjadi manusia berguna kepada Agama, Bangsa, Negara, Mak Bapak, Adik Beradik and Semua Orang!

I took this photo this year because I knew there wouldn't be anything like it after this. All of them in school uniforms; Seri (form 3), Ayu (form 5) Arman (Kiddy) & Hani (standard 5).

Ayu got inside the car today and I asked her how school was.. she said okay and added,
"Today is our last... "

I was wordless for few seconds and asked, "Are you feeling sad... ?"

Ayu answered, "Don't ask Ma... "

She's been saying she wants to take up driving lessons .. Oh Gawwdddd! Not that I don't trust her on the road but if she is careful, others on the road aren't, half the time. I am just so worried for her safety. Friends been telling me I should let her get her driver's licence so that it'd be 'easy' for me. How can I be 'easy' if I am not comfortable at all if she is on the road??! Let that issue rest for awhile.. will get her dad decide on the driving licence thing. In the meantime... I've to study for SPM ..!!!


Felicia F. Ramzi said...

tomorrow's our last day persekolahan dan pembelajaran. i can understand how she feels :). btw sis, may i give my opinion; let her have her driving's license. Someday she'll have to learn about the real world and this would be the best time, time nya masih maok explore, with your guidance of course. Dont be too worried, kelak nya sikdpt stand on her own. Plus, should anything happen [touchwood] you have her to drive the car right?

Mama Mia said...

all best to Ayu for her SPM. :)

Anonymous said...

best nyer anak dah dara :))

Ida Athanazir said...

fee... i know someday i will just hve to let go, susah you know bila sayang. Dont want anything bad to happen to them, but in the real world, will just have to have faith & pray ajak

m. mia... thanx so much

yeah, anak anak dara mcm best friend juak :))

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