Sunday, October 11, 2009

Wife's Cold Bottom

warm hands vs cold plates

Awhile ago, abang & I met a friend at an eatery. We don't see him often so we were excited to catch up on things, he pulled a chair and sat with us.

We talked about a lot of things ... his project for the people at rumah panjang and the good for nothing YB. One thing led to another, I don't remember how the subject came up but we just started talking about him always cooking his own meals at home.

I asked him why and he told us WHY!

He said he does not trust his wife preparing food for him ... 'You see, if the bottom of your plate happens to feel cold although the food is hot, be careful lah ... someone added something 'extra' to your food', he told us. Not that his wife ever done that, I think, but he said he just does not trust anyone (including his wife) prepare a meal for him. And his wife knows this and understand it. If it was me, I'd be upset! I kept asking over and over ... 'So, you cook your own food? Because you don't trust other people cook for you??' He nodded every time.

I can guess why, it's his guilty conscience. I bumped into him with another woman once, in broad daylight. Nobody??! Ohhh... He looked guilty when he saw me, but it's non of my business. I for one was not (ever) gonna report to his wife whatsoever. Maybe he's been a little bit naughty so he feels that if his wife is suspicious she might just 'give' him something so he won't stray. He's just being paranoid, maybe. It's kinda weird to me, your wife is suppose to prepare your food and your spouse is the one you should trust 100%. I don't want to live like that, having to have to feel the bottom of the plate every time before you eat.. in your own home.


Anonymous said...

knock2..sure that guy gut some screw lose is it?if he dun trust anyone even his wife..better dun get married lo.huhuh

f.i.e.z.a said...

i just sooooo love the picture.sungguh sweet. =)

[z@ck] said...

how come they can get married if the hubby doesn't trust the wife ? pelik pelik..hehehe

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

maybe before kawen, pledge sampai mati akan hidup bersama..after years, tu yang dia start straying hence the believe over cold plate.. kalau dah bersalah, macam tu lah..kesian kat wife, if i were in her shoes, i'd be, i'd be extremely upset.. ape lah

DrSam said...

Normally I am a bit reluctant to ask my maid to cook for me and over the moon if my wife instead, do the cooking (which is in most cases). But this friend of yours, I think he is a bit out of the planet la...a weirdo.

Pity his wife though.

Ida Athanazir said...

tugau.. dah kawin, too late

fieza, hee hee.. i love it too!

zack, maybe dulu tak tau kot??

fee, wife die faham katanya. I'd be sad

Doc, he's an alien??

Anonymous said...

sweet warm hands

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