Thursday, October 8, 2009

Vet Visit 4TuTu

That's one old signage.. don't you agree?

We were at my in-law's this evening, to have dinner there. Little Tutu was looking so sick, I couldn't help it. I told mom we have to take him to the vet tonight, do not want to regret it in the morning... when it'd be too late. Tutu's looking so skinny and weak, he looks like he is growing but seemed like he hasn't eaten for days. I wanted to take a foto of him, but I have a thing about taking cats' fotos. I did that few times, and after those few times it was either I lost the cat to 'cat theft' or the cat died ... after feeding it with fresh milk *what was I thinking??*.

Mom even tried feeding Tutu with supplement, he would be okay for awhile but would fall sick over and over again. (foto of Tutu's face is not allowed ... just a glimpse of him) Honestly, I have a bad feeling about this one :/

Guess who tended to the 'patients' ... ?






Really!!? ... Of course Not!

We lost our Persian years ago, I cried my eye balls out, for 3 whole days! He was a good cat, 6 months old then, when we lost him. That darn thief! I only hope that he's being cared with lots of tender loving. If I happen to see him, I would recognize him though it's been about 10 years. You see, he's a bit disfigured at his jaw/mouth area and his lower teeth are visible. We called him Hesky.

The Red Iguana With 'Perut Kembung'

One family brought in a Red Iguana (vegetarian ya all!). If you see closely his tummy is a little bit kembung, he's not been eating well and the lady said they're concerned because he has not been active lately. They just got him a month ago, I guess he's just lonely. He had 'friends' when he was at the pet shop, so I was told.... New environment, no friends, and I guess bowel go haywire lah... !

We left Tutu at the vet, the doctors are keeping an eye on him. He was given some anti-biotic for his lung infection and also something for tummy worms. He looked so frail, I sure hope he'd be better tomorrow.


Gallivanter said...

The iguana had one too many drinks ka? :-D But seriously, I hope it gets better.

[z@ck] said...

iguana menggigit org x..

Ida Athanazir said...

not this one the owner said to me.

yang lain, i dont know. I dont really minat iguana, reminds me of lizard... I geliii lizardss!

Anonymous said...

keshian little Tutu

Lyn said...

mudah nya cepat bait ya Kak?

Willie said...


Mama Mia said...

how's Tutu? Hope he's doing ok. OMG! An iguana? I'm terrified of anything lizard- like! Even the house lizard is enough to give me a chill..

Ida Athanazir said...

i'm sad... Tutu died today :(

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