Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Tea @ WI

We had Raya Ramah Mesra cum tea at the Sarawak Federation of Women's Institute last Saturday, just few days before Syawal ended. I arrived at 2:40 pm, thank god it was my day off ... if it wasn't for Mordiah, I wouldn't have gone. Just had so much to do at home actually, on my one and only day off I actually preferred to stay home with the kids & my hubby.

I'm so glad I went, had fun chatting with Grace, Ruby & Esther. I've known Grace & Ruby for quite some time but Esther is my new found friend! Really spent a good two hours 'beramah mesra' with the girls.

The Future Pengerusi-Pengerusi Negeri .. (umm... got time for society or not?? Maybe will try to spare some time, no?)

I remember the first time I met Ruby, it's still clear in my mind. It was at the Kuching Plaza Sugar Bun in 1989, she just got back from the UK (as I was told) and had her braces on. Hee hee.. cute! My husband has known Ruby for quite a long time, my in laws and her parents are good friends.

Grace did a cover for me & my twin sis for a local newspaper years back. We've never really sat together and have a proper conversation before. Usually it's just a "Hi!" ... Even last Saturday we had to talk like speeding trains, wanted to talk about everything!! Just didn't have enough time. Grace is a very inspiring writer! And she's so sweet. She is an editor of a local magazine called Borneo Talk. And she reads my blog she told me!! She said I CAN write, WO!! Getting that from A WriTer is really something! Thanks Grace, I pray that all our wishes & dreams will come true... god bless.

Of course the VVIP on that fun occasion was the SFWI Pengerusi Negeri, YB Hjh Nancy Shukri. I've known YB eversince before she was the political secretary.. kinda awkward addressing her as "YB", usually I would just address her "Hajjah"...... YB is a very thoughtful person, beautiful, humble and incredibly soft spoken!

Jac, Grace, Sal, me, I-can't-remember-who
Ruby & Esther

Jacqueline ... D most popular amongst us all (chehhh... we popular meh??!). She left before the YB left, got another function she had to attend. Jac's a busy busy lady! And my dear friend Sal, we just click. We understand each other and we don't mind gossiping when there're only the two of us!! Just between us two.


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DrSam said...

Happy time with good companies. Always looking forward to have such a nice encounter.

Lin said...

sedih bah Raya dah over. See you next year!

Ida Athanazir said...

doc, unfortunately bukan dapat selalu berkumpul like this

Willie said...

Meeting with old friends is definitely refreshing.

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