Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Stay In Shape

my Super Jumbo sambal belacan .... sllluuuurrrpppp !!

So sad sayang has to go back today. He's been on medical leave for few days so he was around ... Those few days went by so fast, can't wait to see him again this Friday night. Arman's pre-school is holding a concert for the students and it's scheduled next Friday night. I'm afraid sayang will miss it. Usually his bus would only reach Kuching late Friday night, or early Saturday morning (1am).

We all woke up early today so I didn't have time for breakfast at home. Only managed to pack some peanut butter sandwiches for Arman, his favourite! Drove sayang to the wharf after dropping off Hani & Seri before 7am. We reached the wharf around 7:20 am and left sayang there to wait for his express boat leaving for Sibu at 8:30 am.

It was still early when I left Arman's pre-school so I decided to have a quick breakfast. It is of course tak lain dan tak bukan, the Laksa Sarawak. I am pretty sure all of you are so familiar with the Laksa Sarawak by now.

With this, I will have a jumbo sambal belacan to compliment the laksa. Kak Amoi knows so well that I must have her sambal belacan refilled, sometimes up to two times!! So not healthy I'm telling you, first the laksa's broth (all coconut milk) and the sambal (the chillie's seed I just swallow... no... Not Good!).

The steak, the seafood, the laksa, omg! Not healthy bebeh!! Can, can have once in awhile ... Most mornings I'll just pack myself a pair of peanut butter or butter & jam sanwiches. And I will have a few pieces of Jacobs Oatmeal cookies around 10 or 11 am. Usually that'd be enough for me.

Been awhile since I came up with tips, I shared something like this before months back when I had all the time in the world....

TIPs to Stay In Shape And Healthy ~

1. Eat a proper 3 meals a day. Less rice, more protein & vege. Avoid fat. Want fat?? Fish fat is the best for you.

2. Do not snack. I've said this before, people would ask me how I do it. I said, over and over again ... "I don't snack." Yes, sometimes I have a Kit Kat or indulge in a bag of potato chips. But not everyday, maybe only once in 2 weeks. Between lunch & dinner for instance, the most I'd have is coffee or the Jacobs cookies or a handful of peanuts that I have in a container inside my drawer.

3. Sex (do not have to story long long aeh..!) with a hot partner.

4. Never skip breakfast, have some toasts or some scrambled eggs. That will get me going till late afternoon.

5. Exercise; walk, run, aerobics (I've not done this since... since when ahh?)

6. Do not take the laksa Sarawak everyday, aiyo...! Blood will go upstairs one!

7. Drink more water (Ida, more water less coffee yea .. ? )

8. Will Power Baby!!

I guess that's all for now. Don't feel too good right now, must be the laksa this morning. Hmmm... told ya!!


Anonymous said...

Kak, thand you for the useful tips. Mesti tahan iman kalau bertemu dengan goreng pisang !

eMBuN_mALaM said...

Kak Ida... kmk confused... i ate healthy food... n i LOVEEEEEEEEEE peanut... berik jak apa jenis pun... kmk blh mkn nasih berlauk kacang n kicap jak... mun kmk xmok mkn nasik, kmk mesti mkn kacang jak... till one day sum1 told me peanut is not good... high cholesterol... now kmk confused... kacang ya bagus kah sik?

Anonymous said...

Embun Malam:
Peanut is protein and protein alone..
because it is plant-based, peanut has NO Cholesterol.although they have no cholesterol they do have unsaturated fat which is good for diet..
of course..bila mok pilih peanut butter..pilih la yg paling kurang gula in content..

Ida Athanazir said...

kacang mkn ktk kacang goreng kali... and maybe u had too much

try to have healthy meals, 3 meals a day

kacang very good eh for u, but jgn over, even tomato byk gilak pun sik bagus u know?

more sayur, less rice, ayam, try the breast part.. no thigh or drumstick. Coba ktk!

Ida Athanazir said...


thanx for the info!

eMBuN_mALaM said...

ic ic... thanks 4da info Dino... Kak, will try 2follow... bhgn breast ayam la paling kmk xsuka... bcuz isik... i thot its not good... will let u noe if i lose some kg k... thanks... love ya...

Ida Athanazir said...

Embun dear.. love u too!! good luck. Sik susah bah!

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