Wednesday, October 28, 2009

No Time To Forget

From where I'm sitting

Can consider blogging my past time now. No time.. must make time. No time at all.. try harder to make time.... It's my eleventh month, my blog will be celebrating it's first birthday on the 22th of November (22.11.2008; first post) next month, wow! Can't wait. hmmm ... wonder if I can hit a 200th-post by then... ??

I would sit here for hours, sometimes the post looks very simple but actually a lot of effort is needed for a satisfying end product, specially when you are NOT a writer.

Here, I'm giving you a little glance of my 'a view from the hot seat'. Yea... sure hot! Hours sitting here I could fry a roti canai just sittin' on it! LOL :))

Front .. slightly to the right


Further left ...

Try making time for my blog is not a priority, my top priority are the kids. When we leave the house in the morning, I would ask each of the girls what time they're back from school. Hani has been staying back till 5.30pm coz she's having KAFA exam, Seri's timing is always the normal one, at 1 pm I can pick her up already. The abnormal timing would be Ayu's... She would get off school at 2.10 or 4.30 and sometimes has tuitions at 6.30 pm, till 9 pm.

Whenever they all get off around 1, that'd be my most convenient. I'd drive back to the office and need not have to worry and keep reminding myself have to fetch who or who by 4 or by 5 or by 5:30 for tuitions or extra classes. Last Friday I almost left Ayu at her tuition centre, if she hadn't called at 5:40 telling me she'd wait at a nearby mini mall, I would have to drive back down to town all the from home. I rarely forget ... don't know what was on my mind that evening.

Hakim with second cousins, Adam, Aliya & Arman

Can't imagine being a single mom having to have to juggle everything all by yourself. My sis is a single mom to my nephew Hakim. She is one tough mommy! Ina studies at the same time and loves her Hakim to death!! Well, she only has one child to worry about, still it is not something to compare with for being a single mom. I'm glad she is happier now.

My nephew Hakim and her mom, Ina, my twin sis


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