Thursday, October 15, 2009

I'm So Vain

Okay , me time. I have not done a post entirely about myself, I think. Well, maybe you know so much about me by now but what I mean is photos of me. Got myself quite a collection, not so many but mostly these are from the recent months.

Since sayang bought me a new phone (he got for the girls as well..), we've been snapping pictures everywhere, especially Ayu.

"Nei .. neii ... mama want to see.. Ayu, don't forget to upload girl! I want that one!"

Enjoying my favorite cuppa ... umm .. my hair needs re bonding laa. Check out my bracelet, cute!! (yes, this post I am going to puji myself habis habis. Me Vain?? up to you dear.)

This was taken on 27th Oct, after an event I did for Hari Raya activities. Ayu text me earlier, while I was working, "Ma, pulang klak makan piza ya? Thanxxx =)" Smart girl ... how to say no to that 'smile'??

OmG .. ! We were eating my laksa penang like for breakfast, lunch, dinner ... supper. Ooooppss! Enggak sampaiin supper dong, licin habis dimakan by dinner time. Yes! My laksa penang is THAT nyaman. HELLLO .. Me Time, remember? Let Me Puji MenggununG.

I remember this one. I was so engrossed in our conversation, can't remember what it was all about, it sure was a SERIOUS MATTER.

Drinking the refillable iced tea at Manhattan Fish.
Bottomless they call it??

*no, this one not cute enough, other photos please*


I think this photo of me cute, no? With the wooden bird (burung kenyalang ya'll dari semenanjung), ripe bananas and my crown. Super Cute!! What was I doing ... ? You think? Of course cutting my deeelicious cheesecake for the guests.

"where is that order already.... "

I said to sayang, "I want sushi, I want to spend my cake money."

We went lah, and eat in such biggg hurry. I gulped everything in 15 minutes! Mummy was already calling saying they're leaving the house in half hour (to go for Raya visitingsssss). Haha ... but that was enough to feed my cravings.

Didn't really realize how skinny I was until I saw this photo. I weigh myself at the clinic today (another story going to the clinic ... feeling better now) and the digital scale read 47kg. I need to eat more. But not too much, have to be able to fit into my MNG jeans! Maintain yaaaa...

Close up, up close ... whatever. Wahh, I am so ketinggalan. Everybody already so over with their camera phone, I'm just getting started. Clickin' away... But funny, I don't really do it that often, to my surprise. The self-clicked photos I've taken were during the 'free' time I have and whenever I remember..

*u look cute now, and not that oily. Take Photo!*

In the car while waiting for my troops to get inside the car.
Was this at home??? Does not look like my green ... ahahh! I have no green, I have lalanggss!! kuang kuang kuang...

These? Someone was using the washroom, so I was queueing. I turned, there it was!! Me! Snap snap lah! Not bad for a tired-1st day raya-look.

"Mirror .. Mirror on the door,
who is the fairest of them all ??"


I was driving alone, at a traffic light (don't snap and drive no!).
Thinking ........ 'maybe I look cute today.'


FRONT ... slightly lower

I cannot forget this one. At this time, I was really really sleepy. So dangerous to drive. It was broad daylight and I was sleepy giler. I didn't know why, but I was really struggling to keep my eyes wide open. It was at the traffic light, so, I picked up my phone and started smiling to my new Nokia 5130 XpressMusic, to stay awake, really.


The next few photos were taken by my loved ones.

"Mama .. mama .. smile.."
"Yes, I'm smiling darling." Eyes on the road ya!

Malam Raya (tireddd...), the best time of Raya. You know that feeling? Just so together gether and exciting at the same time. I feel it every Raya eve.

This cool and sssuperrr expensive Canon belongs to my brother-in-law. I'd like one of these, but I don't think I will ever own one. Damn expensive.

That is it for now, I hope you all had a joyous Hari Raya (got few more days left till Syawal ends). Till next post, later dude!


Anonymous said...

sumtimes kan sis..takin' picture of ourself really build up our confident in our life..hehe

adawiah.zaini said...

u look so skinny yet still beautiful. :)

Ida Athanazir said...

Tugau, sure agree with that

Adawiah, tq dear. So sweet lah!

DrSam said...

Cool self-portraits! You looks different and yet beautiful in each photos.

Anonymous said...

nice kak

tali kasut said...

you are hot mom! haha

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