Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cream O

After my much needed shower (with my mr fresh.. Protex) .. as usual, wiped clean and must get moisturised. I looked into my tub and had to scrap for the night's supply. So, no supply for tomorrow!! How Can I Forget about my face cream?? How Come ? *like how EV put it* Must think of something for tomorrow morning.. maybe there's some'thing' I can use, that I've abandoned.

for the face that launched a thousand ships
*ehemmm.. that'd be me, okayyy?* not perfect, still got zit on my chin but I am happy with my skin. Happy in my own skin (whatever that means....)

my empty tub of Olay (ship sailed already lohhh), next to my favorite face cleanser

I've been using the Olay White Radiance for years... cheap... OH!! So CheaPP! After cleansing, wipe clean, I straight away moisturise. Nope.. No toner for me. I know, they say clean tone moisturise. Doing all that is pure luxury for me, in a sense of timing I mean. But it has been working so well for me, so .. why bother changing the routine and adding the cost of living?? Talking about moisturiser, you all should try the Vaseline Healthy White (been looking for another bottle but can't seem to find it.. or maybe I simply didn't look harder). Wanted a silky smooth skin, I used it religiously, night & day, on my stretch marks. After few weeks, I noticed my skin (around my tummy area) is smoother and lighter. That's why I wanted a second bottle but I ended buying the one in the pink bottle instead. It's almost the same, but, the one in white really worked!!

Deodorant... ? Enggak perlu dong. I don't use it honey! Oh, my sayang do not use it either. Maybe that's why we're meant for each other .. Hmmmm, maybe I should come up with "How U Know U're Meant To Be Together *neither use deodorant* " LOL, so funny :))

But I will find time to scrub, specially when I feel really dirty and like my face had been inside the vacuum cleaner bag. St Ives has great range and yummy too! The local Syahirah also works wonders. Your skin truly glows after using it.

I love perfumes, what woman doesn't ?? I would only spray when with sayang, I seldom use for work, do not want my perfumes to run out too fast. Eternity by CK has always been my favorite, been using it since I was 17 .. and that Ralph Lauren for Woman I purchased in '97! And the scent is still there, strong & sporty, love it!! My new favorite (of course laaa the favorite mesti the one darling beli) Femme by Boss. But really you guys (yeah, I'm talking to you MEN out there), if you're planning to get her a perfume, this one by Boss is perfect!! You wouldn't regret it!

Well, I guess you know more bout me by now. I should also tell you what brand of sanitary pad I'm using.. nahhh... Well, ... maybe later.


adawiah.zaini said...

i looooooove ur writings. i think u can make writing as ur part time job. haha. btw, why people say that St. Ives is not good?

Ida Athanazir said...

Ada honey, thanx so much. Dont think i have time to do Part Time job.. hee hee...

St Ives is okay, to me. Who say not good??

Anonymous said...

hehehe, we like this post

Big Momma said...

sapa kata yang murah-murah tu tak bagus. sometimes we have to pay more for the brand itself. kmk pun pakei olay juak... he he he

Mdm.Nyza said...

femme boss.. perfume hantaran tunang. mr.hubby yg pilih.. haruman nang.... mmmmmmmmm... hehehe..

Ida Athanazir said...

Big Momma, kmk rasa yg mahal mahal memang kebanyakannya sama kualiti dgn olay. Just that nama nya mahal !

Mdm Nyza, meaning org laki (ur hubby & mine) pun suka benar the lovely scent of Femme

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