Tuesday, October 20, 2009

5minute Seafood VS 2hour Steak

What a weekend! One luxury weekend!! Hee hee... dining at the hotel's steak house is quite an extravagant thing for me. The last time we were here was about 10 years ago, when Hani was only 2 months old. Didn't have a good experience then, paid so much but got na-da!

We wanted to give it another try (yeah.. after 10 years!) and I've decided to do so as I still have some 'cake money' left. So, it was my treat and we loved it! Sayang loves steak, but we seldom dine out on steaks, we actually prefer seafood. Ahhh... don't you just love seafoodddd ..... We talk about the western food first lah, k?

The bun ... mine has my favorite on it! Kuaci, I love kuaci, I love hot buns, with real butter ya'll! While I was having the bun, I thought, "Will I able to finish all the 3 courses??" The bun was enough to fill me already, I had the appetizer, main course and desert coming later. And knowing me, my stomach can't seem to take too much food lately.

Very very appetizing, yummy high cholesterol butter, delicious dized pickled tomatoes and baked garlic in olive oil. I munched on the bun, tomatoes & garlic while waiting for my appetizers but was already feeling full.

The appetizer came, my plate looked gorgeous! And yes, I forgot to snap a photo of it. Some sliced salmon with deep fried oyster ... so so appetizing!

Arman enjoying his Fish & Chips from the Kids' Menu. Only RM8.00!

And the drinking water cost RM16.00 a pop!! Now, don't ask how much the food was.

My sirloin. I was eating away the veges and messing up the plate when I remembered to take a photo of my delicious looking main course. It was yummy!

What's left of my steak.

We were seated at around 8 pm and only finished our desert at 10:30pm. Arman was entertained by his PSP, though tired & sleepy, he managed to stay awake the whole time we were 'dining'. If I get the chance to do this again, I'll just go straight with the main course. Really not into fine dining, honestly. It's too formal and too slow. "Maybe we'll just have the RM8.00 fish & chips next time sayang..?" I told my husband. "Hmmm... don't think they'll let us adults order the fish & chips." Sayang grinning at me .. LOL!

Talking about slow, the next night we went to a popular seafood place (Top Spot; Ling Loong Seafood). The service was not slow at all!! I don't think you'd believe me but our food came within 5 minutes after we sat down. When we arrived, I caught up with one of the order takers and ordered straight away... and then we took our seats. I ordered lemon chicken, crab & sweet corn soup cream style and buttered prawn. I need not tell you how the food was lah, hah? Memang sedap hO!

We'd bring the kids to enjoy the tasty seafood from time to time, and usually the food would come between 10 to 15 minutes. But we were lucky that day! Sayang had somewhere to go so we had no time to wait. Lucky we were, the food came so quick luckily I remembered to take a few shots, using my trusted Nokia of course.

Mine must have cili padi. Mestiiiii !!

Everyone's favorite, the buttered prawn. The head I like best!

Beautifully arranged to make your stomach asking for more more more and more! Why not!!?? Does not cost a fortune, worth every single penny. So, take your pick ..

Steak or Seafood ?


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Oh my goodness...i love steak and seafood. Lapar already

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brapa lah agaknya harga steak besar tuh??

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