Sunday, September 27, 2009

Post Raya Shopping

After one week of raya holiday, sayang's back in Sibu by today. So, we decided to spend some quality time with the kids yesterday. I took the Saturday off, in exchange with today's singing contest that I've organized for children 12 and below at a local shopping mall. It was a late lunch, at Planet Sambal. I've heard people talking about the restaurant so sayang wanted to try it out.

must take foto ... nice ambiance & good food.
Forgot to take photos of the food though

I have some raya money that I wanted to spend. Yeah... been baking like what so now it's time to spend the earnings! Didn't buy much actually, didn't see anything that I really wanted to buy. But just had to spend some money, so I went to MNG. They have great pants but didn't get to see much choices. I grabbed a pair and just tried them on. No.... didn't like the cut. Was amazed though (always has... ), with their huge mirrors so I snapped myself, with Arman 'interframing'.

Still with the urge to purchase something, I went to G2000. They're having a weekend sale and pants are at 50% off!! Got my size and tried a few on. One pair fit me so nicely so I got myself a Hari Raya pants!

the C&K waist belt & G2000 pants

Belt... I need a waist belt. Charles & Keith got great ones with reasonable prices too. I met Cece there and she helped me pick out a perfect one.

sempat posing depan cermin
(agik! nang sik dapat betemu cermin kah??!)

I was quite done after the belt, but was hoping I'd see a top (or two) that I'd like. None really caught my eye, or maybe I was just tired. I do like shopping but the looking, the flipping (thru the racks and racks and racks of clothes ... argh.. ), the changing (the thing I dislike most), the walking, the changing (one after the other....), the walking, the 'oh I don't like.. oh I like .. maybe', the looking, the flipping ... these things really tire me. I'm just getting old I guess.

Once we went shopping with the kids in KL, like really shopping non stop for 1 week .. when we got home in Kuching, I did not want to set foot in any of the shopping malls for 2 weeks. It was like I had enough of shopping! I felt if I was forced to shop, I'd just puke. LOL... !!

I still have a bit of money to spend ... just thinking what else I'd like to get myself (with the budget I have!). Shoes maybe?? No ... have enough. Been wanting to get that MAC lipstick, ummm.... no lah. I don't use lipstick that much anyway, still have one in my hand bag that I don't use often. I'll think of something. GOOD NIGHT YA ' LL!


eMBuN_mALaM said...

blanja kamek blanja kamek... ehekzzz... wink wink...

bttr simpan jk kak... for unexpected circumstance... kmk slalu kenak mcm ktk... ada duit mok spend... tp xtauk k apa... last2... simpan or blanja family mkn2... beli brg d suka adik kmk... puas ati... heeeeee...

Nong said...

pee weettt.. Lampu ya kacak :)

Buwau98 said...

Selamat Hari Raya
a little bit late

Ida Athanazir said...

E Mlm, aok, simpann jak owh? for rainy afternoon

B98, thanx, better late than never

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