Thursday, September 17, 2009

Food, Annoyed, Pics, School, Greetings

Had Berbuka Puasa with our Senior GM from KL tonight. And we were taking pictures of each other like no care in the world.... It was fun :D

Still waiting for the others to upload more photos. I forgot to take pictures of the foods lah.. Aiyo. Was so excited to eat bila plate dah licin baruk ingat! The Banquet owner happens to be my ex employer, but didn't see any of them tonight. I think this was only my second time dining at The Banquet.. Oooppss, bulak kamek! The third, I forgot.. one time John invited me to have lunch with him there.

The food was nice and I hear (makan free, how would I know exactly how much..) the price's quite reasonable. My cousin Kak Nana was sitting at the next table, what else ..? We took a photo together lah!

Nowadays, I only see my cousins if I happen to bump into them. With Kak Nana, I think the last time I saw her was when I was buying a huge blue butterfly (restaurant's deco) at a bargain store.

Tonight I can actually bake at least one cake but... I just want to chill lah tonight. Tomorrow night must bake, owhhh?! No choice, must do. And sayang is coming home tomorrow night, yeay! Can't wait to see him and it's going to be a very very very busy weekend.

I received a call this evening, left me a bit in a mess. Shouldn't have mentioned where I am at! Must settle it tomorrow, felt like I was cornered. Call abang and asked him to make a call for me. Hopefully done!! Don't need this right now and boring ku nanggar muka nya ya eh!

Ya, that one particular face. Annoying and annoying.. annoyinggggg !! Cakap tak serupa bikin, what kind of a ... A total ... , eh ... enough lah. Wasting energy lah. (... changing the subject) I feel kenyang, the food was good. It'd be more fun if sayang and the kids were there. Talking about the kids, there's no school tomorrow. Thank God! I can ngandor sikit tomorrow. No rushy rushy at 6 am, no rushy rushy to fetch kids from schools (yes! 3 different schools).

I'd like to wish everyone a very
Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri, mohon maaf zahir dan batin.
Enjoy the holidays love!


Anonymous said...

fun with friends

Noor said...

food di sia memang sedap ;)

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