Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Arman's New Toy

It's what he's been wanting for so long. Now he got it! One lucky kid this boy of mine. Of course, he never nag asking for the PSP, "Papa... if Papa has a lot of money, can get me one PSP, ya?" He would just look through the glass inside the display cabinet and says how he would love to have one of those Sony PSP. But, never annoy his dad about wanting to have the PSP.

This is pure luxury, for me at least. And for my kids, they too seldom get these kind of (expensive) gifts from their father. Once in a while okay lah I think... once in few years. Told Arman he must hit the sack already, it is 10:30pm and he's got school tomorrow. Should see the look on his face when sayang handed him the PSP, he's so excited. He played the game like he's had the PSP for months. He would pick up anybody's phone and started playing a game in it, I don't even know how on earth he knows 'where' & 'what' to click to get to the game menu. By the time I realized he's on someone's phone, he would say... "Mama, I won!" "Who's phone is that you're playing with Arman..?!"

"Arman mesti good boy always... listen to Mama, okay?" That's what sayang said to Arman when the PSP was handed to him. And I said, "Mun Man naughty, mama send back the PSP back to kedei cina." Mesti ada deal, no?

Arman Enjoying His New Toy
~ PSP 3006 in Piano Black~


Kenali dan Kunjungi Objek Wisata di Pandeglang said...

wew... seru nih.. mau dunk..... slamat deh.. dapat mainan baru... salam kenal yah,,,,

Jay Ismail said...

wahhhh..arman pon ada psp....i dari zaman psp kuar dulu lagi teringin nak beli..x beli2 lagi..hahaha..in fact i baru je ckp sama faz i nak beli psp that day..kakakakak

this year i didnt buy any baju raya..maybe i should get a psp instead.?

Datin Paduka Bokbong said...

wah!! sy pon tgh survey PSP utk anak buah. mesti beli b4 balik kampung jugak. hehehehe
how much is it?

Anonymous said...

untung ur kids..hihih.. but my dad already give me the most expensive present.. his love to me..much expensive than psp..hihih

Ida Athanazir said...

Jay, u know how me & bang Athan dapat beli the PSP for Man..? Because the 2 of us tak de beli baju raya and kasut raya ;p

Datin.. aiyo! malu lah nak ckp kat sini, for me it's mahal lah

Caynie, of course love tak boleh dibeli dgn wang ringgit pun

JM said...

samat hari rayaaa..maap zahir batinn

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

wow, lucky Arman la. but good la since he know how to take good care of his things. kids these days pick up thing very fast (mesti Arman ada tengok his frens been playing with that b4). even my 4-yo son how to use the touch screen DVD player*sigh*.
yes yes! I setuju with the deal you made. we as the parents must set boundaries ;P. happy days Ida!

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