Thursday, July 2, 2009

Supermom Wannabe

They say I'm a Supermom. I wish I am but I'm not.

I noticed I drove more than 90km yesterday and I'm truly exhausted now. Just had my shower, my head feels better (lighter) and I feel so fresh but tired. Right now I have to wait for abang to call... still having his meeting with the CEO. When he's done, he'll call and I will have to go down and fetch him.

Some of you might have notice it already that I don't update my blog as frequently as I used to. I don't even have time for tv anymore. Once I get back home, I will start the laundry first and clear up whatever I see need to be cleared.

Supermom's Criteria :-

1.Working Mom (own a business or working for a company)
2.Having few kids plus a baby (who is breasfeeding.. if you have twins, you're Super Duper Mom!)
3.No Maid or a mother who lives together with the family
4.Drive & fetch children from school and drive kids to tuition classes
5.Husband Outstation ... most of the time. Or, work outstation full time!
6.Insists on doing the laundry manually (with 10 fingers) because it is much cleaner than using the washing machine (silly lah! don't have to be such a perfectionist, let it go...)
7.Insists on cooking every single meal (SCR ok bah... sekali sekala)
8.Will iron everything, even the pyjamas! (tak caya?? I've seen a household ironing pyjamas, but the maid was doing it)
9.Still manage to look 'Tip Top' & 'crisp' head to toe and never look like 'orang beranak 10'
10.Still manage to smile and never looses her temper, colleagues & employers thinks she's an angel
11.Have time to go for aerobics
12.Do weekly grocery shopping and always remembers every single items needed
13.Pray 5 times a day (for a Muslim mom)
14.Have time to surf the Internet & blog!!
15.Always makes time to visit family members during weekends, specially her mom

That's all I have for now ... till next entry, take care all!


Si Penconteng said...

Mother is the hardest and the most complicated job ever.

AmirFX said...

Yess.. Setuju ngn Jatel...

Ida Athanazir said...

Si Pencontenng, that is so true

Amir, memang semua org akan setuju

Mdm.Nyza said...

mek lom ada semua criteria ya sis... huhuh..

Kelebar Malam said...

I agree with you....I salute those women out there that sacrifice their life, time and energy in order to make up with their life, family and career...

Mama Mia said...

Seriously? Ironing pyjamas? I dont see the rationale of doing it... :)

DrSam said...

you are a supermom inded ida!

Ida Athanazir said...

Mdm Nyza, I also blum complete the criteria

K.mlm, how I juggle everything pun i dont know, try to do things one thing and one day at a time

M.mia, memang tak rational langsung

Doc, i'm not a supermom, want to be, but am not

naqiubex said...

So then I have to find a wife that have superpowers ha..

Ida Athanazir said...

naquibex, u do that!!

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Ida (:-D

He (3X) Looking at the list I'm at the furthest end to being one!

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