Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Be Beautiful Inside Out

I'm turning 36 this month, I pray so that I will live (healthily) for another 36 years, InsyaAllah. What have I learnt? ...... Don't take things too seriously, eat right, don't start on 'loans' that you can live without & be good to people (and animals & trees). If I say 'don't hurt people', that is kinda hard to do as you're only human. Sometimes you say things that you think later you shouldn't have said, do the things that forever can't be undone.

So, these are the few things that I can think of how to live your life to be happy & beautiful ...

1. Wake up early and bath/shower early. (jangan ngandor, it'll give you ugly headache & swollen face... not pretty)

2. If you're annoyed, don't take it on people around you. No one would want to be near you. (then you'll live alone and die alone unhappy)

3. Wear what is comfortable on you, not because it's trendy or 'everyone's wearing it'. You want to attract attention?? Wear something sexy/different but comfortable ON YOU.

4. Wash your hair at night (avoid hot water, preferably with cold tap water), towel dry. You will have naturally 'bed hair' with less frizz.

5. Buy at least a pair of good fitted branded jeans. They last you forever & look great with everything.

6. Stay away from negative minded people/friends. They suck the life out of you.

7. Tell your mom you're applying for the job, and ask her to pray for you. Mother's prayers are always a blessing.

8. Spend time with your grandparents, you will find that you didn't spend enough time with them now that you're 40, and they're gone.

9. (if you're married) ... Enjoy sex to the fullest, great for staying young & feeling young. Definitely you & your spouse will still be holding hands when picking out which fish to buy. 
(get good mattress :D)

10. Make a cup of coffee, and share.

11. Buy good pair of shoes that won't make you say 
'these shoes are killing me'.

12. Pray, be a good example to your children.

13. Stay in touch with friends whom you know are your real friends. They are not your true friends if all they do is brag bout their latest splurge. You will know if they are bragging or just sharing.

14. Spare some time to do some weeding, that wild grass in your flower pot is a real eye sore. All it takes is only 10 minutes, and some gardening is always very relaxing.

15. Drink more plain water, avoid alcohol & smoking (you know why).

16. If you're thinking twice, don't buy it. If you don't sleep thinking about it all night, just go ahead and buy it tomorrow.

17. Don't spend the money that you don't have. Hutang!! Still don't get it???

18. Visit or at least call your mom. She always wonders how you're doing. Show your family you love them.

19. If you don't have anything good to say, shut your bloody mouth. If you have something good to say, make sure you're sincere and not because you're after that RM4K salary job.

20. Always moisturise and make time for make-up-free face. Dry looking skin age you.

21. Eat more fish, less flour, less sugar, more fruits and have that choc mud cake too!!

22. Do what your boss assign you to do, don't make his/her blood go upstairs. You will start to mumble ... 'malas kerja eh....' every single day of your working life. You'd be a miserable cow/bull.

23. Be on time, if you're late, call. Don't keep saying you're on your way when you've been saying it for the past hour.

24. Take the blame & apologise. You are human, and you learn from your mistakes, most of the time. Don't be such a big ass ego.

25. Give sedekah whenever you can afford it 
or when you just feel like it.

26. Never give a s*** what other people say about you. It will affect you for a day or maybe two ... but it will pass. Live your life like how you want it, don't listen to those who suddenly 'comment' where he/she has not said a single word to you for the past 5 years.

27. Say it! It's okay, they don't bite and saying it won't kill you. It will make YOU feel better.

28. Get an affordable camera, you will thank yourself for taking that foto 10 years from now.

29. Make your home a happy home, a place where you want to be with your loved ones, a place that you think about when being stuck in an old hut during a bad thunderstorm.

30. Stand tall, walk confidently, smile, be nice, be thankful and love yourself.


31. Listen to music that you love, or learn to love new ones.

32. Forgive, you're not doing it for them. You're doing it for yourself. They still 'hate' you?? Not your problem, theirs.

33. If you lie, lie all the way. If you tell the truth just to feel better, better do not lie in the first place. Friends/people will never forget that lie that you told.

34. Drive, you'd learn more route. The time will come when you would have to be independent (drive alone i mean) and don't have to ask for directions from your co-pilot.

35. Take one tomato a day, good to naturally moisturise skin. But not too much, tomatoes bad for gaut (is that how u spell it??).

36. Be happy with what you have now, there are people out there who are very much less fortunate than you are.

Thank you mak, abang ... 


f.i.e.z.a said...

thanx for the useful tips, sis!i'll make sure i'll have more plain water and sleep w a make-up free face. =)

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

Happy Birthday sis.. :D:D

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

setuju dengan semua! happy birthday in advance..

[h]einsen said...

nice tips!sesuai utk laki n ompuan..

~me memory land~ said...

wow..good advice sis..thanks for it..nway i like the most no 7,8,18,26, 30...N..HAPIE BIRTHDAY IN ADVANCE..GOD BLESS U! ;)

Kelebar Malam said...

May your wish be fulfilled...amin... by the way, great tips..

Mighty Jacksparrow said...

ah. happy birthday, belated or in advance, you

Noreen Ruszalin said...

this is very motivating ;)

elcynthia 엘신티아 said...

happy birthday to you. ^^

Ida Athanazir said...

Thanx all for your kind wishes!

Anonymous said...

slamat ari jadi..heheh..
thanks for the 30 advices..shud make it 36(^_^)

DrSam said...

happy belated birthday to you. Wishing you many many happy returns.

Thank you for the very good tips. But no four...mmmm...not much I can do about it. Rumputnya sudah jarang-jarang :)

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx dino & doc

Anonymous said...

wow..that was fast..heheh..
no 33 was quite bold but i guest it's true..

ps: it's gout(^_^)

Mama Mia said...

A lot of good advice there. Thank you for sharing :) Happy birthday to you, Ida.

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx Mama Mia

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