Sunday, June 14, 2009

Alias Adek

Don't really know when it actually started, but sayang has been addressing me as 'Adek' ever since forever. I can't remember when exactly I got that nick name from him, he would sometimes address me 'sayang' but never call me by my name. Of course he would address me as 'Ida' to another person but I never hear him call me by my name. I asked him to 'try' address me as 'Ida' and it sounded awfully awkward. LOL!

... 'Sayang', 'Honey', 'Babe', 'Yang', 'B', 'Abang' ... All kinds of nick name for your loved ones. And 'Darling'! Wow! Sounds 70s but I wouldn't mind it if abang calls me 'darling', kinda cute, don't you think? 

When he's angry with me, he would say it in a firm voice, 'ADEK!' (which I do not like to hear). Funny, 'Adek' sounds cute but with that tone, it always sounds unpleasant. There were times people around us would ask me, 'What did he call you??'.

I like my nick name Adek, sayang is the only person who addresses me that way. Makes me feel very special.


naqiubex said...

I would love to call my lover.. baby.. haha
and my lover calls me 'mr president'..
Just kidding..

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Both me and Cinta address ourselves as "B".. we're both 'Baby'...hehehe..
"B, keluar makan mok?"
"sik dpt mek malam tok B, ada keja nak di polah"
now guess, who said which? hahaha.. kiut entry tok

Ida Athanazir said...

mr president, ha ha.... very funny

Fee, sometimes i call him baby... sound sexy to me. Mun duak duak baby baby, times 2 sexy!!

CoKeLaT-RaWkZ said...

i call him: Adak (from Badak... haha)

he calls me Atun (from cartoon...kamek cute apa?)

mun manas, I will call him intensely, "Daaakkkk..."

anyway, we never call each other's name since kawen. Gaduh2 pon tetap Atun, Adak.

f.i.e.z.a said...

so kiut!
mek mok kelak dah kawen hubby mek tunggah mek sayang..
"sayang masak apa tek?"
"pegi pasa mggu ju yang..."

awwww..imejin pun dah suk! ;P

Kelebar Malam said...

ermmm..."adek"...cute and manjer.. for us.."ling" is the formal salutation both publi and private...heee....

Willie said...

adek? hmmm.... don't seem to be related to sayang, honey or darling...hehehe

DrSam said...

Adek sounds very cute. As long as both parties know and appreciate the true meaning, anything would do.

Ida Athanazir said...

just wondering, when I'm old and gray, would it still sound cute??? LOL

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