Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Routine

It's been almost 3 months since mom & dad started having the Saturday nights 'sembahyang berjemaah'. It's now becoming our weekly routine, it would all start in the afternoon where mom will be busy (usually I will help with the cooking) in the kitchen preparing dishes for dinner after the 'jemaah'. But last Saturday night, mom decided to order the Nasi Beriyani. 

Then, together we would clear out the furniture to make room for the sejadahs.

sejadahs laid out by 6 pm


This I want to show you! See that table below where Ayu is sitting ... ? I think the table is about 7 feet in length. It was made of stilts from an old kampung house, a gift for my father-in-law. And it is Kayu Belian. I tried lifting one end, it didn't budge one bit. It would take 6 really strong men to move the table. So, we decided to place the table there by the side so it need not be moved all the time, for now that is.

the unmovable meja belian


solat sunat after Jemaah Maghrib

mrs. tuan rumah, Hjh Norjanah, my mother-in-law ... always well equipped with notebooks & a pen during the ceramah

q & a session before solat Isya', Ustaz Masud far right in green

This week's topic was about 'Tanggungjawab Orang Tua Terhadap Anak-Anak' & 'Perkara-Perkara Yang Membatalkan Wudhu' & Solat'.

I captured one shot before hurrying into the 'sab' 
to perform solat Isya'


after solat Isya' ......... dinner time!!

nasi beriyani with spicy chicken & dhal, nang nyaman .....

air kotak, fruits & local cakes 
(women's food served on the kayu belian table)

food on men's serving table

one for the album ... cousins Lulu, Shazzy, Nadya & Arman


After the guests are gone, furniture are then put back to where they belong (I will have huge muscles by end of the year!) and sejadahs rolled back and kept under the kayu belian table. And everything would start all over again next Saturday ... I heard mom's planning to serve nasi lemak next week. 

I'm not talking about just one or two sofas, these are heavy furniture made of good heavy wood! My mother-in-law has been collecting them ever since forever. But, we are used to doing all these now. As long as orang tua happy, nothing else matters ...  Till next post, take care!



farah.loren said...

family gathering nang best. especially dapat makan..! errr. part semayang jemaah lah. ehehheheheeheh

f.i.e.z.a said...

i love it most when family semua kumpol2 rami n d best part of kos mkn.heheh.. :)

JM said...

owh..sungguh lame saye tidak smyg berjemaah.. amat2 la terase ruginyekerana tidak mendapat pahala itu..

Ethel said...

This is so sweet!

We have a saying that says, "Family that prays together, stays together."


The Aminos said...

Nice house, nice set of sofas too.

Ida Athanazir said...

seems like the best part is the food ... hee..hee...

actually, i learned a lot from ustaz week after week. Brief but very very informative

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Ida,

How nice to have such session cum gathering at your own home. Anyway, jemaah yang tak dapat book bidadari tu tak datang ke? hehehe! (:-D

Ida Athanazir said...

ada dia datang, memang he is a regular ;)

DrSam said...

Alhamdulillah, one big family one big living hall and one big jamaah.

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Si Penconteng said...

Waaaa. Besnya kumpol-kumpol semayang kedak ya! Mek suka! Tradisi koga mek dolok, mekurang salu ngaji ngan urang ninggal atok mek. Nya ria ngajar nemiak ngaji bah. Rindu eh. Bila nya dah sekda, alu ilang gia jak tradisi ya.

lyn said...

tradisi yang bagus untuk mengeratkan sillaturrahim

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