Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Watch That Spanking Honey!

He would spank my behind or grab whatever he can get his hand on. Well, that's how we keep our relationship 'hot' and fun. For married couples only ya! (you singles out there can also take note)

These 'spanking' and 'grabbing' would only happen in our own house. We would not show our 'hot affection' in public, respect other people's view ya... But, I've warned my hubby to be extra careful nowadays. He almost grab our Ayu as he thought Ayu was me! Now, whenever any one of us (me, Ayu or Seri) passes by him in the house, he would have to turn twice to see who it was. From a glance, Ayu looks like me, I look like Ayu and even Seri looks like Ayu or me. We don't exactly look alike, just that our body size are almost the same. My girls are growing up really fast, even their father sometimes mistaken them with me.

don't want to be near that miserable cow now!

I hope even we're older we'd still be very affectionate of one another. That is why whenever we have our argument, I'd be a miserable cow. I would miss that spanking, grabbing, 1-second-smooch, hugging and teasing ... And I am so manja with my hubby. Well, who else would spoil you other that your beloved?? Hah, you don't want to see me when I'm miserable. During that miserable moment, I don't want to do anything fun. I would do things that I don't really enjoy doing, like scrubbing, cleaning or ironing. Oh god! I hate ironing! My little sis Siti loves ironing, she said she loves seeing the end product. Nice & crisp she had said. Sometimes that miserable thing would effect me physically. My bowel movement would feel really funny and I could actually hear it! (crok crok crok....) And I could feel that 'croking' sound. Then, I would not 'go' for days. I don't like that miserable moment. 

Happy Cow! All smiley & ready to bite!

But there's a fun part to it, the ending of the miserable moment. He would give extra extra attention and so very attentive of me. Hee... hee.... I really love that moment. First of course I would still 'jual mahal' sikit. Sikit aja ya! Jangan lebih lebih dong. Then slowly... things are back to normal. Asam Garam rumah tangga, not always all sweet & honey all the way you know. Lidah lagi tergigit, ini kah pula suami isteri. But I like gigit gigit! For gurau gurau ok  lah. He would growl in pain whenever I bite, "Sakit lah Dek... !" "Sorry sayang... geram bah." I'd apologize & giggle.

*doh, forgot to take butter out of the fridge just now... have to wait for it to soften now...*


Happy cow loves beautiful jewelries!


f.i.e.z.a said...

sooo notty but sweet in d same tym..i guess semua wifey mmg mnjak ngan hubby oo.kmk single so lom tauk reti ;)

Ida Athanazir said...

hee hee... Fieza, maok naughty naughty juak baruk fun. Your time will come dear!

Anonymous said... sweet

But still not my time...

Willie said...

Wow Ida!

A bit shocked when I read this post. Hahaha...Didn't thought that you are a bit open about this.

Hahaha...anyway, that shows that the two of you still have the affection with one another and i must say...romantic. Keep up the good relationship yeah?

I agree that you should do it only at home. And p/s other people are doing it too, at home la of course. So, it is not something to embarrass about right?

Does Ayu look like you? I wonder if the two of you are twins then, your husband will be very confused. HEheh

Mia's Mom said...

Salam Ida,

Something sweet & naughty between husband & wife, I agree. It keeps the sparkle going. (;D) and it keeps the world going round smiling!

[z@ck] said... sweet la kamoo ni..
i wish i could have dis affection wif my future husband..

Mdm.Nyza said...

so sweet.. nang best notty2 ngan hubby kak ida oh.. hehe..

Ida Athanazir said..., the time will come & mesti layan ur love one dgn manja

willie, i've always been open. tapi control control juga. kalo open abis, pengsan org baca nanti

mia's mom, glad i make the world smile!

zack, noty2 & anje2 mesti diamal selalu

m.nyza, it's fun & release stress

Anonymous said...

adeh..nasib gik mudak..
lak keja bok ku kawen..hehe

Ida Athanazir said...

Willie, I've a twin sis, my hubby ada pernah confuse sekali dua. Ayu looks a bit like me,if people see us, they say we look more like sisters... hee hee...

Dino, aok, kerja lok. Baruk carik bini

zarina said...

Wow! interesting topic we have he jewelleries as well...whenever i'm in kuching next time, have to say hi to you & your sweet jewellery....maybe this raya....well, why not? though we are cousins we never meet lah....

Ida Athanazir said...

ya lah... but thank god for the www. Eh, not my jewelries ya. I'm promoting for my friends. Did u visit the site? kacak kacak barang nya kan?

f.i.e.z.a said...

kak ida,
i think i saw someone like u last nite.really close.heheh..sik tauk la ya ktk.mlm td mek ada g d spring n mek diat org mcm ktk kat C&K pakei bj petak n jeans mbak handbag biru..mok tego p takut salah org... ;P

sHaRk~kEyRa said...

dashboard >> add >> paste my url there >> next.
love to read ur blog.nice..

Ida Athanazir said...

oops, i was home last nite. Actually dah tido kali, slept at 8pm last night. bangun jam 8 pagi tadik. Ya baruk! 12 jam mek tido. Dont think it was me, myb was my twin sis?? I would recognize u lah, dgn taik lalat ya ne ndak ngelala. Hopefully dapat meet dgn u one of these days.... :)

f.i.e.z.a said...

maybe twin ktk sbb rambut nya pndek skit tp cantek n stylish..nasib mek sik nego..hehhe..insyaAllah sis kelak ta jmpa juak.. :)

Anonymous said...

so sweet....hope my hubby nakal macam ya juak..hehe

Ida Athanazir said...

sweet & naughty!

serious serious juak, tapi mesti maok main juak

Datin Paduka Bokbong said...

really nice topic here!
saya & hubby juga g2..spanking2 & grabbing2!
*tp...between us only*

Ida Athanazir said...

ya, just between us... *sshhhhh* ;)

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