Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Men who turn Women off

There's a proper way to 'wooo' a lady, to get her attention. But there are things that really turn women off. Men might think they're doing it right but watch out, no matter how good looking a man is, 
he can be very annoying.

He's wearing the perfect attire, nice loose fitting t shirt & jeans with clean cut hair

You are turning women off if you're ... 

1. Looking too confident with yourself; A woman can tell if a man thinks HE IS good looking. You know, that 'perasan' attitude. OMG! These kind of men make me wanna puke. A bit of shyness is always a turn on.

2. Wearing a too-tight shirt; Okay, there are types of men who really like this kind of outfit. But if you're trying to 'pick up' a lady, make sure you're wearing a proper attire. Simple jeans with loose fitting shirt or t-shirt is fine by us. Don't look like you're trying to show off your body, no matter how good your build is.

3. Long/Messy/Untidy hair; Hello, only rock stars get away with it. 

4. Boasting attitude; When with friends or in crowds, don't talk about what you just bought (obviously things that are expensive, say, a new car). It's okay if you're around your mates, not when you're trying to impress the women. So not impressed!!

5. Talking with your mouth full; Apply to women as well. 

6. Wearing huge jeans that are double your size; If you're a music rapper, it's acceptable. Still, it's not flattering.

7. Body Odour/Bad breaths; I think you can check if you smell unpleasant or get an honest friend to tell you if you smell or not. But if you do smell, forget about going over to ask for her number.

8. Nose picking in public; This is a very bad habit. Sometimes you don't realize that you're doing it. I accidentally looked at the person inside a car next to mine while waiting for the green light and this guy was picking his nose. And he was driving a BMW! Big Turn Off! No matter how good you look, how nice your car is, with this habit, you can wave her bye bye.

9. Idiots (Donkeys) ; Women are attracted to smart intelligent men. Most sportsmen are smart. But the idiots I'm talking about are men who are hypocrites, back stabbers, liars, selfish ... you know what I mean. If you know you are not smart, don't TRY to be smart. Be yourself, just don't fake it. Major Turn Off!

Ummm..... I have nothing against body builders, but, too much muscle is not for me

10. Too much muscles; Muscles are okay, but not too much. I don't know, they just look so funny to me. Soccer players has good body build (e.g. David Beckham). Too much of anything is never good. 

11. Rude men; Cursing, don't treat others with respect and shouting at the waiter (for not serving the food fast enough). If I'm on a date with a man like that, I will just leave the table. This attitude is embarrassing. Some men may think it's empowering, not true! Obviously he's and idiot too.

12. Too much perfume; What did you do? Bath in it? A spritz or two is enough. Don't overdo it. It would be uncomfortable, for the nose.

13. Talking about your x; Yeah, you might feel like you just have to let it out, but not when you're starting to know the girl. Unless she insists to hear about it. And don't ask about her x or her past experience. You can do it later, after 3 months together.

14. Wooing another woman while you're wooing her; What are you thinking??

15. Not listening to the lady when she talks; Men, ladies need you to listen. Try. Be a good listener and do it wholeheartedly. It's obvious if you're faking it.

You are welcome to criticize, comment or add to the list. They are just my honest opinions. 


f.i.e.z.a said...

kmk penah blind date w a guy whom i knew from the net.from the looks ya nang manis, ensem and i attracted to him bcause of dat la.sampei ari mek 2 date eh, i discovered he has a very bad breath sampei kmk sik sanggup mok kelaka n penah kmk cover idong mek k tdg.huuuhuuu..
of course dat really turned me off.pity him btw sbb mek sik tauk camnei mok madah ngannya.
should i tell him or should i not?
now mek 2 still kwn la..

Ida Athanazir said...

ya lah... mun ada encounter org kedak ya gine nak madah dgn sidaknya, without ngecik atinya?? The answer is, there is no proper way to say it, just padah ajak lah. Tapi kmk sik sanggup madah...

KaDusMama said...

I seriously hate those who boast a lot! Like they own this world!
But i have this experience, this guy asked me to pay the dinner we had..DUH!!! He asked me out and then asked me to pay..!! MAJOR TURN OFF!!!

Anonymous said...

i like this article...
hehe..tanx for the info

Anonymous said...

sumthing nice to share sis..hehehe.. will look upon it..hehehe

mademoiselle azieshakespeare said...

sy tak suke yg too much muscle tu
(menggerunkan, eheheh :D)
btw sis, thanx for following my blog yarh
u have such a good blog,
keep on :D

Ida Athanazir said...

glad u all like the post.

K.mama, I don't know ada that kind of man in this world. How can a man ask a lady to pay?? If a hubby as a wife to pay ok lah, but not on dates ! Men out there, u have comment on this?? Memalukan !! Tahap Dewa Turn Off!!!

Anonymous said...

super duper not gentlemen for asking on a date and yet the lady pay for it..adeh..sungguh tak malu..

melon. said...

i should be working with the hair.

Si Penconteng said...

Aduuuhhh...mena ya Kak! Tapi mun sal pakaian/rupa, mek sik lalek gilak (aa...except nok bahgian bermasel-masel ya lah. Urgh). Yang mek sik suka bila prangei/personaliti nya terover ataupun terkureng. Ehe.

Ida Athanazir said...

honestly if a guy says his hobby is going to the gym... ummmm, no comment.

adalicious said...

i love those who smile a lot. i mean, not the 'miang' smile, but the sincere one..hehehehe

Anonymous said...

I like number, 1 the guy with the black t-shirt and loose fitting jeans mmm mmm yummyy ! I could stand dating him and even if he is as pleasant as he looks I would consider even a long term relationship, he makes me feel all warm inside hehehehe !

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