Sunday, March 15, 2009

Love my Proton

I've just realized, there's no signal light indicator on the side of my car. Was it done on purpose?

By the way, this is not my car (got this foto on the web). Mine is dark colored. And I wouldn't call it My Proton, because I am not a proud owner of the car. I'll just call it my car. Don't get me wrong, I 'like' Proton cars, they've been loyal to my family for years.

Even the humble little Kancil got the signal light indicator at the side. Where's mine? I dare ask because there are new batches of Proton BLM's on the road and I noticed they have this little lights on each side. I think maybe Proton has forgotten to put a pair on my car, ya kah? Bummer !!

Even the old Proton Iswara got its lights. Proton oh Proton, what happen? The story doesn't end there. I lost My Waja (yes, I was a 'proud' owner, love that car) last year in February to car theft. So, had to buy a new car. Proton was coming up with the new Proton BLM, claiming economical fuel consumption bla bla bla ... You can't fool my husband, he's been keeping track of our fuel consumption purchased ever since our first car in 1996, the was the Kancil. Notebook complete with dates, distances travelled, amounts purchased, litres filled, all that. It was an easy decision, calculated from A-Z. Lower monthly payment (I don't deny it) and claimed economical fuel consumption. Hah, before I forget, after I emailed them, thier 'economical' claim that popped up on the web site then disappeared.

We got our new car in May last year. I have to say, the handling of the car is good, overall, ok lah. After driving the car and realizing the fuel consumption was a bit ridiculous (from my calculation), naturally, I was furious and felt cheated. So, I emailed them ... And the reply? Fuel Consumption is a subjective issue they said. Maybe I was wrong, maybe. Again, correct me if I am. BTW, I never replied back to the email.

My Email ~

sent 7th June 2008


I got my new Proton Saga around 3 weeks ago and am not happy with the fuel consumption. The reason I purchased the new Proton because it was claimed that the the car only consumed 6.3 litres of fuel per 100 KM.


When I was driving my WAJA, my monthly consumption was RM600 per month. But to my surprised, through my detailed calculation the new Proton would cost me RM750 per month. If I knew earlier, I would have just settled for MyV or Savvy. Well, I didn't. Having lost my WAJA to car theft in Feb this year, I was willing to rent a MyV for an extra month just to wait for the shipment of Proton BML (which was delayed twice). We ordered our unit, but the salesperson told us Proton Edar did not send enough units as per requested by Kuching/Sarawak. Still, me & my family was willing wait, thinking it was WORTH WAITING FOR.


I am a mother of 4, struggling with budgets. When I lost my WAJA, I thought it was a blessing in disguise. Thinking this is my way to readjust my budget learning the new Proton is cheaper (it definitely is) and much much much MORE ECONOMICAL as claimed. I'm very frustrated with this situation. How can Proton claim the said 'Economical Fuel Consumption' as stated in the manual and web-site (I notice the fuel claim on your web-site isn't there anymore).


I'm just appalled that the Proton BML's fuel consumption is more than WAJA. To proof this, below is the detailed calculation on few protons :-


RM 12.03 , 6.3 L , setiap 100 KM (PROTON claim)


Tapi saya dah drive sampai 'running', this is what I get :-


RM 12.03 , 6.3 L , hanya boleh jalan 54.7 KM !! (actual usage)


Dulu cakap economical, tapi sekarang fuel consumption the new Proton Saga lebih tinggi dari Proton Waja. Dulu saya drive Proton Waja (dah hilang kena curi dalan Feb 2008, itu sebabnya saya beli Proton Saga, minyak murah kononnya....) , fuel consumptionnya WAJA :-


RM 12.03 , 6.3 L , boleh jalan 60 KM


Saya fikir boleh lah 'readjust budget' . Tapi lain dah pulak jadi. Ya, saya tahu saya dah beli tapi kalau nak claim fuel consumption tu, jangan sedap claim. Saya beli sebab fikir minyak betul-betul economi. Dah happy & excited, sanggup saya tunggu 2 shipment delay, tak cukup unit untuk dihantar ke Sarawak . Kalau saya tahu, saya dah settle nak beli MyV atau Savvy. Maklum anak saya 4, belanja harian bukannya sikit.


Don't know what Proton can do for me, of course saya dah terlanjur beli the new Proton Saga. Nak menyesal pun tak guna. TAPI MEMANG RASA TERTIPU. Bukan just rasa, tapi memang tertipu.


Thank you very much for your attention.




Kuching , Sarawak .

Dear Pn Ida,

 First of all, we regret to learn the inconvenience that you might be facing with your Saga. This is certainly unexpected. We hope to get further details from your good self as below;

 Vehicle Owner Name:

IC No:

Contact No:

Vehicle Registration No:

 For your info, the fuel consumption is an average based on a constant driving of 90km/h. Fuel consumption is a subjective issue, where other factors do come into play e.g. road condition, driving methods, load etc.

We look forward to your reply. Thank you.


Ken Cornellius said...

u lost ur waja..i lost my lagenda..huhuh.. last year..still trauma mau amnik moto baru..

Ida Athanazir said...

my hubby lost his lagenda too, then we lost the waja ... dah bukan rezeki

AmirFX said...

Kawan kmk sikit gik nak lost nyawanya mpun... Sib bait tali perut jak bisak sikit.... Nway, mungkin rezeki pencuri ya... Kelak2 ktk tukar jak keta Proton ya ke keta lain... Mun mauk kmk ada member dpt carik keta second-hand yang baik punya... yerrr... Pomot inda kejap...

Ida Athanazir said...

Thanx Amir, nak tukar kereta pun duit jak agik. Eeeh! gelik nengar part badan bisak bisak tok.

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

almost gotten myself a BML as well last year, like really close to choosing the colour already when i dtg angin 'kus kus', told my mom, "let's wait".. phew, a good luck i didnt pursue!

Ida Athanazir said...

Good for you Felicia dear. It is a good car, but... what can I say

Ida Athanazir said...

ha ha... dah tukar title pulak dah. I do luv it, hari hari berbakti utk keluarga

khairul onggon said...

uishhh.. menakah?? baruk nak meli.. terpaksa pikir 2-3 kali.. thanks for the info..

kawan kmk proton BLMnya baru keluar sehari dah ada power-window problem.. ish ish ish..

elcynthia 정래진 said...

yeah, most of us have some issues with our Malaysia's car. We're using Savvy at the moment. Yeah.. we're saving $$ on fuel but I think it'll be too small for a family like you (MyVii is more spacious). But 'they' (the proton...EON?? people) didn't tell us that we're supposed to close the fuel cap (if that is what it called) untill it sounded "CLICK" to maximise the fuel consumption and saving. I'm not sure if their dealers knew that too. Hubby realised it based on experiences. If not "CLICK", you also can smelled the fuel even inside the car. And some Savvy owner friends also mentioned the same thing. When hubby refers the matter to Proton Edar, they simply said... "oh...yeah, that's the problem with Savvy and we're somehow can't figure that out. Maybe we need to change some part....bla-bla bla...". Well, problem settled when we found out ourself about the 'CLICK" thingy. no need to change any part.hehehe....

and my cousin (and her friends as well) had prob with her (their) Pesona where the rain somehow manage to find their way through the window panel. pity her, her car smells damp/wet. Need to cover her car with canvas.

(panjang nah Wai aku punya comment ni. hehehe).

Bagus Pras said...

nice car..
seharusnya kita semua bangga dengan produk bangsa serumpun....

Rindok said...


mirlme said...

ney ilang hoo..
eran mek...

Nizam Mahmud said...

Hye there...

First time masok blog tok.

As for kereta la, I have been using kelisa for many years now. Like you, I keep tab on the mileage.

For Kelisa, 10 litres can go as far as 110-160km, depends on usage, town or long distance. Even usage dalam town depends dengan town itself. Eg. driving dalam Kuching sik sama dgn driving dalam KL. Jem di KL, example dari PJ nak ke KL tru federal highway mun time pukul 4-7pm boleh menyebabkan u stuck in the traffic jem utk 1 1/2 jam.

So consumption is different depends the town. Even long distance driving pun lain depends on jeraya gik. Long distance dr KL-Melaka contohnya sik sama dengan Miri-Bintulu. Nangga jeraya ya byk corner ka, bumpy ka, byk lubang ka.

Tapi psal Proton makan byk minyak ya bukan cerita baru.

Knowledge I psal enjen kereta tok sik la banyak gilak tapi panduan bagi urg yang carik fuel consumption rendah ada 4 benda yang perlu diambik tauk;

1. Fuel injection ka sik? Rasanya semua kereta kinektok pakey fuel injection jadi tok patut bukan jd issue. Mun masih makey carburetor, polah timing every month.

2. Variable valve timing ka sik? Tok pun cerita lamak patutnya utk kereta luar negara. Kenak variable valve timing important? Sebab timing ya ekot keperluan enjin kita, mun nait bukit lain timing ya, mun long distance lain timing ya. Yg kamek tauk Proton lambat sikit hal VVT tok compare manufacturer lain.

3. Spark plug ya ada sistem tertentu ka. Bukak enjin Kelisa, yang spark plug sik disambung terus ke wayar, ada rod in between. Mahal rod ya. Apa function nya? Ingat sik dolok pernah urg jual booster utk spark plug bagi enjin lamak2? Nya claim boleh jimat sampey 30% fuel. Utk kelisa, rod ya function nya sama.

4. Berat kereta vs torque gear. Torques gear tok lebih kurang camtok, sekali enjin ya berpusing, bapa kali gear nya pusing. Jd kekuatan dari gear ke tayar brapa? Berat kereta brapa? Kesimpulan dari sitok, adakah kereta ya under power or over power. Sebagus2 adalah over power sikit (sebab nak amik kira urg nait kereta ya ramey2). Dolok member kamek meli Wira 1.3. Aduh... under power teruk2. Dan bila under power, minyak akan makan banyak.

Ya jak la pandangan kamek.

highwaystarz said...

im so sorry yo lost ur waja, I lost my girlfriend.huhuhuh

Ida Athanazir said...

Khairul, Myv bagus, economical juak & luas dalamnya

Ely, I thought Pesona got better quality?? Ya lah, sometimes we can manage the problems outselves without going back to Proton. Some people keep going back to Proton but still same thing

Nizam ,thanx for sharing the info. Kalau Wira memang kuat mkn fuel, I agree.

H.way*, sory to hear that.

Lost my Waja behind a shopping complex. Witness recall no alarm went off. Really pro lah.

Mama Mia said...

Peliknya, no signal lite indicator? U better contact Proton...wonder how it can pass the QC with some vital part missing....hmmm

Ida Athanazir said...

I was thinking the same thing, obviously their QC's standard is low

Jess said...

6.3L/54.7km. it is a bit out of range.
my proton wira give better fuel consumption.

Ida Athanazir said...

I thought proton wira's consumption worse than BLM's

oon said...

ooo tedahhh, keta ktk kenak curi, beskal mek ilang pun dah merinsak nyawa huhu.

bena duhal bml camya oo, kmk suka gilak nagga bml koh. anyway mek make kelisa, nang jimat antap koh.

anyway nagga gamba kitak n husband, biak kali jak muka, sik cayak nagga anak2 ktk dah bsar2 gia, cam adik beradik jak. btw muka laki ktk familiar koh, rasa sll nagga masa semyang jemat kat kpg.

take k!

Ida Athanazir said...

kelisa I know for sure memang jimat abis.

maybe nang menar yg ktk jumpa d kpg masa sembhyang jemat ya my hubby. nya selalu dgn my little boy

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