Thursday, March 12, 2009

How To Keep Him ...

... from straying. (from my own personal notes)
  1. Love him (and show it, hug & kiss him few times a day)
  2. Tel him you love him (everyday)
  3. Give him space (don't ask too much & stop pushing him)
  4. Give him your undivided attention (shut down the computer already!)
  5. Listen to him (his complains, his excitements) and respond
  6. Talk to him like you talk to your best friend
  7. Show interest toward his interests (soccer, motor GP... watch them with him)
  8. Never lie to him (he'll lose trust in you)
  9. Always be thoughtful (ask if he wants coffee, offer to drive kids to school, etc)
  10. Never reject his requests (I mean any kind of requests)
  11. Don't chit chatting online with other men
  12. Ask him first if you can accept your new FB friend request (if they're men)
  13. Girls' Night Out?? Not a good idea
  14. Don't do anything that makes him angry
  15. Always ask permission before deciding to say yes to others
  16. Be good to his mother (and love her like she's your own mom)
  17. Never raise your voice (unless he starts, then, go mute)
  18. Cook, if you don't cook, try. He'll appreciate your effort (try this it's easy & super yummy)
  19. Spend his money wisely
  20. Be home when you don't need to be at work & spend quality time together
  21. Always look pretty & sexy for him
  22. Spoil him (give foot rubs & whatever rubs baby!)
  23. Don't shout at the kids 
  24. Don't accuse him simply, unless you have proof (then you can go ballistic)
  25. Be sporting, it's okay if he compliments other women
  26. Don't compliment other men (just don't)
  27. When he asks 'what's wrong?'. Tell him.
  28. Never threaten him, unless you have proof of his 'misbehaving'.
  29. Share your paycheck, it's for the whole family
  30. Be yourself
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Anonymous said...

sumthing nice to share..

The Fleece Master said...

Kenaknya boleh puji other women, and kitak sik boleh and it is just dont? Im just wondering =)

AmirFX said...

Senyum sorang dirik mek maca entry tuk... Hahaa... Nang best lah.... Byk benda yang kmk perlu tauk gik mengenai hubungan lelaki dan wanita ehh...

Jay Ismail said...

wow..this is the secret for 20 years ya..:P

Ida Athanazir said...

Ken, u can also share & add to the list

F.master, ego org laki rumit sikit maok dijaga

Amir, ya only 30. Actually banyak gik.

Jay, yeah! I've learned them thru the 20 years together.

Ida Athanazir said...

I'm gonna come up with How To Keep Her....

Julie said...

nice post it...

Ida Athanazir said...

Glad u like it Julie dear

KaDusMama said...

I don't really agree with some of your facts.. :) I know it's from your point of view but...
Never rejects his request???Hmmmmmm...what if he request something absurd and impossible to be fulfilled??
And he can compliment other women while we cannot talk about other men??? Sounds unfair to me.. :) But that is just my view..
I know a people whose wife is one very good wife..she cooks..she cleaned the house and make it spotless..devotes her life all for the husband..and what the husband did??? still having affair with other woman and the wife still clueless about it..sad..

Ida Athanazir said...

K.Mama, if the request is something absurb of course u have the right to reject...

Yeah, different couple different caranya... memang sometime unfair. Kalau kita wanita Islam boleh diceraikan sekelip mata and the husband can have 3 more wives.

While being a good wife & husband having an affair outside, sure that's a sad thing. Tuhan maha kaya, selalu sebelahkan yang benar.

Most of the time we women give, less take.

Selalu bersabar lah.... thanx a lot K.Mama!

KaDusMama said...

:) tidak marah..hehee just expressing my opinion..

Ida Athanazir said...

I'm coming up with How To Keep Her, maybe u can share some tips...

Jay Ismail said...

tips no 1... listen every single things she said.even dia duk mengadu pasal jiran sebelah buang sampah tak betul....or baju kebaya dia salah jahit ke...or dia complen pasal cerita telenevola yg dia tgk tengahari tadi....key word..layan kan aje..hehehe

tips no 2...remember the important dates ..birthdays..anniversary..

tips no 3...3 letter word 3 times a day..


i think its basically the same with 'how to keep him' i guess..

Ida Athanazir said...

pinter bener budak Jay ni ... just like what i've drafted.

See lah nanti, maybe u can add a tip or two for me

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