Friday, March 13, 2009

How To Keep Her ...

... from straying. (from my own personal notes)
  1. Love her (and show it, hug & kiss her whenever you see her)
  2. Tel her you love her (everyday)
  3. Give her little space (don't ask too much)
  4. Give her your undivided attention (soccer can wait)
  5. Listen to her nagging (women need to let it out, literally & pujuk pujuk pujuk!!)
  6. Talk to her like you talk to your best mate
  7. Show interest toward her interests (Desperate Housewives, Oprah... watch them with her)
  8. Never lie to her (she'll throw your phone to the wall & lose trust in you)
  9. Always be thoughtful (ask if she needs to go to Guardian, ask if she'd like to go to the Grand Sale she's been hinting you)
  10. Never reject her requests (unless they're stupid and impossible to fulfill)
  11. Don't chit chatting online with other women (Big NO NO)
  12. Ask her first if you can accept your new FB friend request (if they're women)
  13. Guys' night out?? Poker game ok, but not going to the clubs
  14. Don't do anything that makes her angry
  15. Always ask permission before deciding to say yes to others
  16. Be good to her mother (and love her like she's your own mom)
  17. Never raise your voice, it's scary
  18. Cook, show your hidden skill. Make breakfast on weekends (try baking, choc chip cookies is our fav)
  19. Spend your money wisely, future financial stability is in your hands
  20. Be home when you don't need to be at work & spend quality time together
  21. Always look good, for her
  22. Spoil her (buy unforgettable gifts on anniversaries & birthdays)
  23. Don't shout at the kids 
  24. Don't accuse her simply, unless you have proof (Super NO NO)
  25. Don't compliment other women, she will never forget it
  26. When she asks 'what's wrong?'. Tell her
  27. Never threaten her, unless you have proof of her 'misbehaving'
  28. Share your paycheck, it's for the whole family
  29. Don't keep glancing at your watch while accompanying her shopping, it's annoying. You might as well wait in the car
  30. Never forget important (anniversary) dates
  31. Don't delay reply to her sms/email (Major NO NO)
  32. When she asks 'who called/text?', never say it's nobody (Tahap Dewa NO NO)
  33. Don't go overboard with jealousy (it's a huge turn off)
  34. When she asks 'do I look fat?', always say 'NO honey, you should try the other dresses'.
  35. Surprise her, it's fun & romantic (do it from time to time; romantic trips together, candle light dinner, cute little jewelries, doing the dishes)
  36. Never text 'where r u?'. Be subtle (all the time); 'Honey, I'm still at the office, you've eaten? What are you doing?'
  37. Tell her she's beautiful
  38. Tell her she's your one and only
  39. Tell her you'd do anything
  40. What do you think? I leave it up to you .....


farah.loren said...

mun la ada laki polah kamek gia. uhhh!!

Ida Athanazir said...

masa nya akan sampai kelak Farah dear...

The Fleece Master said...

banyak nya regulation and NO's. It's freaking the guys out. =)

Ida Athanazir said...

Don't freak out lah, mun benar benar cinta, ya kacang ajak ya

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