Tuesday, March 17, 2009

His Honda and My Embarrassing Moment

My husband with his then '2nd wife', the 
Honda CBR 600 Smokin' Joe

Still on the subject of vehicle, but this time to share one of my most embarrassing moments. Imagine, falling off your boyfriend's motorbike (it was his Honda MBX 125). Only god knows how humiliated I was, and yes, I fell right in front of him, or should I say behind him. (That boyfriend is now my dear husband)

I was involved in a school play at that time, went down to school that Saturday morning for one of our rehearsals. When we're done, I called to tell him that I was done and waited for him to come and pick me up. He told me to sit tight and give him time as he was finishing-up on washing his motorbike. I didn't have to wait too long. Before sending me back home, we had to go back to his house first because he had to get cleaned up after cleaning his bike. He didn't want me to wait too long at school that's why he decided to have his shower later.

We arrived at his house and I noticed the wet floor on the car porch. The bike came to a stop, and like always, I would get off first. I guess you can imagine what happened next. Had my left foot on the slippery wet floor, and was swinging my right leg trying to get off the bike. Somehow, I felt I was leaning too much to the left, lost control, slipped (was only on my left foot, those darn shoes!) with my right leg still in the air. Then, losing my balance altogether, fell and hit the left side of my head on the concrete tile (hard!). Still lying there, as if in pain (it was painful, had a bump on my forehead). Not so much of the pain actually, I was so embarrassed and I don't think he believed what he just 'heard' either! Luckily it happened on his car porch, not in front of a crowd. He helped me to my feet and asked how I was. "I WAS EMBARRASSED!!" No, of course I didn't say that. Felt a bit shaky after that, as I remembered it. It was quite a fall.

Thinking bout it now still bring a smile on my face. Come to think of it, it was so funny. My husband has always loves Honda motorbikes. He once got himself the Honda CBR 600 Smokin' Joe. I loved that bike too, but I'm always worried whenever he went out riding it. He would go to almost 200km/h and didn't even realize he was going that fast. Asked him to sell the bike, before anything bad happen.


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dilla.rose said...

that is soooo cool!
not the falling in front of your bf part but the bike sure is smokin'.
would love to get on one 1 day.

Mama Mia said...

Hi Ida. I agree with u - no matter how painful the bump on d head, it'll be okay soon. But, the embarraressment will last longer. :)

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

hehhehe..sorry, didn't mean to laugh.. guess what, my bf plans to get one of the bikes too! men and machines

Ida Athanazir said...

Dilla, memang cool. Sayang had to sell it

M.mia, embarrassment dah hilang, if not, I wouldn't tell the story to the whole world

Felicia, ya lah, my hubby also would like to get another one in the future. Men, u just can't separate them with machines

The Fleece Master said...

I used to have MBX125 bike myself masa skolah and uni. Cool bike but sparepart susah nak dpt. I love that bike.

AmirFX said...

Feberet ehh motobike ya... Ingin juak nak berisik sigek k ngesor ngn dak mat rempit... P mbak slow2 jak dpn sidak...

o_o said...

hehe..mena kata AmirFX ya..press2 jk dpn daknya..mun ajak race,daknya tauk kalah..hehe

Ida Athanazir said...

Amir, mun embak slow slow sik best... mesti maok laju laju baruk cool abis!

o o, presss press, kelak terungkap baruk tauk lalu melongkeng

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