Sunday, March 8, 2009

Guessing Guests

It was a full day yesterday, went for PERKIM (an NGO Muslim Women's Non-profit Organization) Annual General Meeting in the morning at Dormani HotelI left before noon (couldn't wait till PERKIM's lunch) with my dear friend and we went for breakfast/lunch to discuss about her POISSE launching by the end of the month. We didn't chit chat too long as I had to be home and see what the kids are having for lunch. Did a bit of chores, laundry... dishes.... By 4pm we left for my in law's house because the kids have Quran classes every Saturday afternoon. Went straight to the kitchen to cook for the night.

Still feeling tired when I got up this morning though I had enough sleep, but I'm feeling very satisfied. When you cook and everyone enjoyed the food, what more can be more fulfilling?

'Nasi Ayam' was the menu last night. The rice was made mixed with chicken broth & served with broiled-then-fried chicken breasts. Aunts brought tarts, fruits & local cakes. Mom told them not to bother themselves with buah tangan, but they never came empty handed. Ngah Tuyah is like my mentor in cooking. Back when we were neighbours, I would call her anytime during the day to ask how to cook this, how to do that. I got the Buttered Prawn/Chicken  recipe from her, I've shared the recipe with so many friends and they truly appreciate it. That too makes me happy.

Last week I prepared and cooked Laksa Penang, and last night I heard from the crowd they were craving for my Laksa Penang again. I know Ustaz (our Imam) really enjoyed the laksa last week, he asked for permission (jokingly) when making his way to the table for a second serving of the laksa. Maybe I will do the Laksa Penang once a month.

Right before Maghrib prayer started, I counted heads and started feeling all nervous. I prepared for 40 people, meaning, I cooked for 30. We've been doing the gathering for a month now, mom & dad invite their siblings, cousins, nephews & nieces. But you can't actually tell how many would turn up. Whenever I cook, I can only guess for how many people the food I should prepare for. Last night was a bit more that usual... Me, abang, Ayu & Seri only started eating after everyone settled in their seats with their plates of food, even daddy only ate after everyone had left. Thank god the food was cukup cukup (enough enough) last night, but that's not good. But mom always say, sikit sama sama sikit, banyak sama sama banyak.

Abang gave me a heads up that next week there might be more people as his uncles & aunts are mostly in town. Alhamdulillah, our 'regulars' continued to come almost every week as the Feqah lessons by Ustaz has been very useful & worth attending. I am sure, we are gonna have more regulars. InsyaAllah.


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khairul onggon said...

ooo... butterprawn... nyums sekals... Kmk suka batu mirah ya... Ruby... fuhhh... now mine is Nilam Muda light2 brown giteww.. hehehe...

Ida Athanazir said...

so, go get your own birthstone! Harga pun berpatutan.

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