Tuesday, March 31, 2009

First Date Story

Imagine your first date, his mother & two of his best friends were in the 'picture'.

Definitely wasn't this romantic !

He's never late, always on time. But he seldom had to wait for me as I'm also punctual. Now, when we go out, we both have to wait for our girls to get ready..... "Those are your girls, honey". I said to him.

But on that day, on our first date, he was 20 minutes late. I almost gave up waiting. Well, 20 minutes seems 'waitable' but I've been waiting a whole day and it felt like forever. He was suppose to come at 4pm, when he finally did, at 4:20pm, the look on his face says *he couldn't believe he didn't arrive on time*.

Of all the days, on that very day and that very hour his mom needed him to give her a ride to a friend's house. He couldn't say no, didn't want to regret it later, he had said to me. "It wouldn't take long Tan, just for few minutes. Need to drop off something". Mummy told my husband. As usual, her minutes turned to hour. He had no choice but to leave his mom at her friend's house and tried to make it in time to my house. (Part 1)

Part 2 ~ When he arrived, I stood at the door and he rushed out of his mom's Honda Prelude. I said, "You're late. I thought you're not coming". "When Athan says he's coming, he will come". He had said between breaths. Still remember what he wore that day ... That Adidas tennis collared T, I wear it sometimes. We left my house and went straight to the Jubilee ground (the town's sports field). It was raining, but all I could hear was myself talking talking talking. Later he told me he was glad I did most of the talking, otherwise he wouldn't know what to say. Well , yeahh!!! I was trying to get rid of my nervousness! I asked him lots of questions, about his family, his siblings ... bla bla bla ... It really helped. I didn't want to just sit there in silence & feel all awkward. We arrived at Jubliee ground and his 2 friends got inside his car. Sayang told me they needed a ride home. I thought,"Wahhhh.... this guy so kind towards the friends, on first date also go fetch friends from nowhere..." I didn't mind it, it was a bit weird, but, I didn't care. The more the merrier.... ????

I had some soda and a piece of pizza, which I didn't finish.

Part 3 ~ Sayang told me he would have to drop me at the shopping mall, together with his 2 friends. He handed some cash to J and asked him to accompany me till he comes back. He had to fetch his mom, whom he left at her friend's house. I could only imagine how he drove that day, don't want to know. I looked at the time, it was 5pm. So I sat there, facing J & R, laughed when they cracked jokes and listened when they talked. We had pizzas & sodas.

No, we didn't look at each other like this & didn't enjoy the food together like these two

And no flowers & candies whatsoever ...

Part 4 ~ Sayang arrived about a hour later, sat next to me and asked how I was. I said,"Ok". He talked to his friends for awhile and we left. Sayang drove J & R back home and I was also on my way back. 

And no kiss kiss or touch touch on our first date either, 
that's a big no no!

So, the only time we had 'peace' together was driving down to town & driving me back home. If I might add, I met J a week earlier and he was the one who introduced us. And that day when we first met, I was with J (nothing happened between me & J. We only got together 1 day). That's why when I saw him at the Jubilee ground, I was a bit surprised. It was as if we never met, he was cool about it.

..............  that was 20 years ago today.


f.i.e.z.a said...

sweet post sis..
love it love it!

Ida Athanazir said...

thanx fieza, down memory lane...

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