Thursday, February 5, 2009

What MEN say about us WOMEN

  1. They eat more than you think ...
  2. ... although they talk about eating a hell of a lot more.
  3. Money really is an aphrodisiac.
  4. Women think women's bodies are sexier than men's bodies (which is one thing men agree on)
  5. They talk dirtier in the office than in the bedroom.
  6. They only dress for themselves (and other women).
  7. Women possess a special sensory organ that can spot subtle differences between pairs of shoes that a man believes are exactly the same style, size and color. It's a gift.
  8. They really do care about abs, dammit!
  9. The quality of sex rises in proportion to the price of the hotel room.
  10. It's OK for a man to look at another woman as long as his head doesn't move more than ten degrees from centre.
  11. Don't ever say, "You look great, have you lost weight?"
  12. What's sexy to men is slutty to women.
  13. However, jewellery is a good gift...
  14. toys are not.
  15. Unlike men, women don't find it funny when you fart in a confined space.
  16. They whinge, but secretly love it when their other half prepares a carb-heavy dinner.
  17. When it comes to sex, twice a week is plenty (and even, don't bank on it).
  18. Women are much more sympathetic bosses than men. Until you cross them.
  19. Women cheat, too.
  20. If a woman says, "you're very sweet" on a first date, don't bother asking for a second.
  21. It is never wise for a man to write a list of things he has learnt about women.
... what I read

What do you think?? I'd like to know what women actually think of men ... Maybe some of the above are actually true, which do you think aren't? 

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The Dusun Aroma said...

well that's why they said 'men are from Mars, women are from Venus' ^.^

Ethel said...

I like this one more:

"They talk dirtier in the office than in the bedroom."


Ida Athanazir said...

can't agree more with you guys!

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