Tuesday, February 3, 2009

No Bonus

Have to figure out how to make more money. I had a job, but it left me no life to live. Life was just work work work, 7 days a week basically. No weekends or public holidays. Then my husband had to go on trips, left me no choice but to quit. Driving kids to school was not a choice to do or not to do, had to be done.

My fuel indicator was blinking this morning. Will have to fill up soon. That one no choice, would have to spend money on fuel no matter what. Food, can adjust. Shopping for groceries have to be thrifty nowadays. The only luxury I buy for myself is Nescafe, others are necessities. I saw one cucumber costs RM2!! Think I'm gonna start plant veges .... 

I gave extra pocket money to Ayu this morning because she'll be staying back for extra classes. Seri commented, "Best nya Kak Ayu got Bonus". I told her if you she wants Bonus too I will give her. Told her I gave Kak Ayu extra ringgits for lunch otherwise how is she gonna eat staying all day in school... ?

I do wish I could give more to my children. Of course that is every parents wishes.


The Dusun Aroma said...

I think we are in the same cycle here. I'm just trying to makes end meet too here.

Reminder to be patient for each partner is important support.

And sometimes, giving less to children is more. Just keep a good thought ok sis.
Cheers! :)

Ida Athanazir said...

u're right. less is always more ... thanx.

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