Friday, February 6, 2009

My Email To Super Soccer Star

Just Want to let you guys know what I emailed to SuperSoccerstar.
My email to them :


I saw an episode 2 nights ago. Really didn't agree on the guys' (sorry, don't know their names) opinions on 'No Brains Needed In Field'. What is that?? One of the guys even said, if need intelligence on the field might as well go to university. Oh, that was so shallow of him! And while the lady (Kak Mai, as I heard the boys addressed her) was talking, giving her piece of mind and suggestions, the guys kept cutting her off. I'm not saying this just because I'm a woman, those guys are plainly rude. They just simply didn't want to hear her. She kept saying 'budak tu cerdik' but the guys kept saying don't need that. Those two guys really look stupid on TV for saying that. So stupid. Look like morons. Macam mana 'Malaysian Football' nak maju?!

I totally don't agree that the 2 guys said there's no need for having intelligence on the field. To me, a person of intelligence is the person with great strategies and a superb team player. You don't have to have all the 'smart' players, but it surely doesn't hurt if you do. No wonder our national players look stupid on the field, can't blame them either. With these (the 2 guys) kind of mentors or coaches at the side of the field, no wonder they play (in an empty stadium) like how they do.

Malaysia has been playing soccer for decades, why the Japanese or Koreans can do better than us while they started later?? Don't blame the players, the managements & coaches cermin diri dulu laaa! Be a good leader, ask yourself first before salahkah orang lain. But well, with narrow brains how to think where they did wrong? Easy, blame the players.

Maaf ya, though I'm a woman, I too know a bit about soccer. And not just soccer, other sports require intelligence apart from skills. The whole idea of sports is to achieve healthy bodies that will contribute to healthy soul & mind (smarter brains for your info, got it??).

You talk about soccer standards, all kinds of standard that is. Body build, team player, skills, intelligence, tak besar kepala .... Tak perlu saya cakap banyak-banyak, ask Kak Mai's opinion, what she said was & still true.

This is just my opinion. Timbangkan kalau perlu.

Thank you.


Kuching, Sarawak

The show is aired every Wednesday night, 8pm on TV2 Malaysia.


elcynthia said...

wow! I totally agreed with that. Sadly however, that's how some people think. If you can kick the ball like that and not so good (or bad) in academic, well..better be a football player. Guess what? They can be a football player alright, BUT NOT a professional player. and dont they even start asked for equal treat like other PRO-football player!

Ida Athanazir said...

so geram when I heard their remarks. bodoh!

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

Yarabi, padanlah football malaysia masih mundur!..jeez, maseh wujud these kind of people who think education is not important..

The Fleece Master said...

thats it supermum. kick their ass! Hard!

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