Saturday, February 7, 2009

Miracle in a tub

Face creams, we would spend so much to 'experiment' whatever that is said to be the best in the market. I've tried a few popular brands myself, one time a cleanser gave me small bumps on my cheeks then the bumps turned to blackheads then they became pimples. Spots??! Don't even mention them, later, I had to figure how to get rid of them. Whitenings, fade-out creams ... Got so fed up, money spent, skin not improving, still had to cleanse, tone, moisturise, serum day & night. To tell you the truth, I don't even really fancy facials, lie there for two hours my head thinking what I can actually do with the couple of hours... laundry, cleaning, ironing .... Well, if I can leave all that and someone is doing them for me while I 'pamper' myself, ok lah... But while I lie there, I'm thinking I'm wasting my hours to get my face done.

Until one day, this may sound silly, I saw this beauty advertisement on TV. It was an ad for Olay White Radiance. Wahhhh... I thought to myself, what beautiful skin she has... look so supple and clear. Of course the girl's skin looked perfect, she's a model!! But that time I was still looking for D Miracle Cream. So, I told myself I should try this one because I know it was inexpensive and the brand has been in the market for decades.

I went to a local supermarket and got myself a 50 gram jar or Olay White Radiance for just RM20!!

Story cut short, I used it extensively for 4 weeks. Very basic guys! I clean my face with Olay facial cleanser, no toner, pat dry my face and moisturise. I really was experimenting ... See, if I can live without facial toner. One day, my husband asked me,"How come your skin look so clear?" "Ya la ma, I think you look fairer" My daughter added. Then I met a cousin who I've not seen for months, she too commented my improved looking skin.

When friends asked what I use for my face, I simply say,"Just ordinary one, alaaaa... you can go get it at the local supermarket and cheap too!!". One time a pretty colleague (with oily skin and big pimples) asked what I used. Still unsure, she said she needed something not oily. I told her to trust me and get the cream, not the lotion type. I saw her 2 months later and couldn't believe my eyes! HER SKIN SO CLEAR, NOT A SPOT ON HER FACE AND OIL CONTROLLED SANS PIMPLES! She looked much much prettier.

So guys, if you want to try, honesLy, Olay White Radiance doesn't 'hurt' at all. No side effect, cheap and really really works. I've few friends using it now, even my twin sister is using it too. She has dry skin, now her skin looks much better. 

But, if I hit my first million, I will buy what is proved to be the best face cream in the world, the Cream de La Mer. Costs a fortune, I think about RM600 per small tub, why not ??


f.i.e.z.a said...

me too using dat cream n sooo far nang marveles n the best..
cream de la mer?oh tidak.sgt mahal n ive seen a blogger nang makei this range okkk..mcm murah jak diat mek.sigh.

Ida Athanazir said...

ya kah.... of course byk juak kata orang nya bagus, mun menar menar duit boleh dibakar arum bulak, sik hal cuba. But for now, Olay pun ok lah...

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