Sunday, February 15, 2009

Good Giant Gatherings

Rahman my nephew (yes, he's a boy, with gorgeous long hair), 
with my son Arman, Raya 2007

I like a good get together. Be it Hari Raya, birthday parties, weddings, bbqs ... love them ! Everyone is always busy with work, daily routines. You'll be lucky to bump into your relatives in town, other wise, we'll only see them at family gatherings.

With my husband's cousins and niece at my in-law's house, Raya 2007

Hari Raya is the best, but tiring, for me, to say the least. Ever since I started baking cheesecakes, I would have to push myself till Raya ends. From the 3rd week of fasting month, I'd be like a mad person... bakings, shopping, daily errands, grocery shopping, endless grocery shopping. I try not to bake on Raya eves, but, just couldn't say no to those last minute orders. On the first day, after Sembahyang Sunat Raya, we would go to my in-laws first, help mom with the servings. She has extra helps (8am to 6pm) plus the maid, still, I'd be on my feet most of the time, replenishing drinks, food ... say hellos and good-byes.

With my husband's cousins, Raya 2008 (same people!)

They're quite a few weddings within these couple of years, my cousins and my husband's cousins. My husband & I would be assigned to certain tasks. There too, we'd meet long lost cousins and other relatives. I went to one wedding last December and actually met my cousins whom I never met. Had to ask, "Who's your mom/dad? Whose granddaughter/grandson are you??" .... I kept asking everyone. 

At my 2nd cousin's wedding, December 2008. Me (centre), with four of my 2nd cousins (met them for the first time that day) and Siti (my younger sis, seated far right)
Note: Cousins from my mom's side

Top: My beloved Nek Ngah Gu, Mak Yo, Nek Usu & Wa Jebot at Rudy's wedding
Above: Twin cousins Azman (far left) & Lokman (far right). Groom Rudy (cousin) & wife Baby
Note: Neneks, aunties & cousins from my father's side, June 2007

Nizam, my cousin, and his wife organized a bbq last June. Not everyone manage to come as some of my cousins reside & work in KL. It's been awhile since our last get together, other than weddings. We ate, laughed, joked and teased about growing bellies. (Tini, far left in foto below, prepared great sumptuous delicious foods. Thanx Tini!!) 

At Nizam's bbq, with cousins from my fathers side, June 2008

Our auntie, Datin Fiona (my mom's cousin) organized a giant get together for the 'Mowes'. A three day convention held few years ago where my cousin, aunties, uncles, nieces, nephews from all over the world of different races and religions (Norway, Singapore, KL, Australia) gathered exchanging fotos & life stories. It was quite a memorable union, everyone was so excited and happy, some met for the first time. At the final night, we hugged, tears flowing as we said our goodbyes and farewells ... Not knowing when we'll ever see each other again. (Mowe Sha Liong was my great, great, grandfather, a businessman from China who came to Sibu, Sarawak, then married my great, great, grandmother, Nek Gandang, a Melanau Christian).

At the Mowe Convention with my uncles & aunties (top & above)  
from my mom's side, April 2006

At the Mowe Convention with cousins from my mom's side


khairul onggon said...

yohhh... i thught tat was a girl haha.. pjg kali juak ambut nya.... Byk kekangan ktk lam gambar2 ya...

f.i.e.z.a said...

kak ida, some faces are so familiar to twin bros ya.wifenya anak hj salleh kan?anak bujang hj salleh; mustafa namanya kwn kmk sama sekolah.kuching nang kecik hoo tp mek x penah jmpa ktk.hehe

Ethel said...

I love family gatherings as well! In fact, that is the ONE thing I look forward every year. :D

Lovely photos, Ida. Thanks for sharing! :D

Ida Athanazir said...

Khairul, ya, kenangan dgn family!

Fieza, i tink so, maybe. sik sure nama bapa nya. mek tauk familynya jual mee kolok. InsyaAllah, kelak ada kita jumpa.

Ethal, thanx. I like keeping fotos, that is all that's left, like what Khairul said ... kenangan

Ida said...

Wahida: kak ida I love your blog and pics of family gatherings. It is hard to keep in touch, I agree. But there's always the world wide web! We'll always be in touch through the web! Keep on blogging and as I always would say... Rock on!!

Ida Athanazir said...

Cousin Ida, thanx. Funny we've only met once, wonder when we'd see each other again. Stay in touch love!

oon said...


gorjes nya rambut anak buah ktk ya! jeles-jeles

RaMa-RaMa Fareeza said...

kaka ida....on your father's side...wa jebot is my auntie..hehhe...wife to my late uncle..heheh...kuching nak kecik...

Ida Athanazir said...

Fareeza, so, kita tok berkongsi cousins lah! he hee... cool :D

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