Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Favorite Fragrances

Now, let's have a bit of fun. Let's talk about gifts. Gifts..... sounds like money & question marks. Valentine's Day is just around the corner, any ideas for your loved ones? Well guys, one of women's favorite gifts is definitely a bottle of quality perfume, definitely worth every penny.

I would like to recommend a few, and a favorite of mine. 

Classics are mostly my favorites, such as Chanel No.5, Estee Lauder Pleasures, Ralph Lauren Woman... Clinique Happy is more citrus like, it really lives up to its name. Whenever I have it on, people around me would want to know what I have on. It lasts & doesn't 'pierce' through your nostrils. I don't have arrays of fragrances lined up in my cupboard, have not actually sniffed all the perfumes out there. But I am sure you're gonna agree with the ones I'm recommending. I've owned a few different brands, just a few. I'm the type who would stick to just one or two at a time. The latest I got from my dear husband is Femme by Boss. My goodness! I highly recommend this particular perfume. Hard for me to describe the lovely scent, all I can say is that it's smells like no other fragrances (I've came across). Not like any typical perfume, it's feminine yet strong and lively. So guys, go ahead and give it a sniff. You'll love it on your lady.

My first ever branded fragrance was Eternity by Calvin Klein. Got my first bottle when I was 18. I loved it so much that first bottle lasted me 5 years. Well, actually if you love it so much you could finish a bottle in just months, but for me, I sayang it so much, I wanted it to last forever. Got my second bottle a couple of years ago, yes, it's still 3 quarter full. I wore my Eternity ever since I had my first baby, Ayu (she's 17 this year). So, Ayu has been living with the scent ever since she could remember. Whenever I spritz it on me now, Ayu said it would remind her to the time when she was little. "Hmmmm... bau mama ..." she would always say.


VINZ said...

hmmm.. i like your post..eternity was my fragrance of my sister now.

f.i.e.z.a said...

kmk sukaaaa perfumes.paling mek suka is pure poison n jadore.my auntie gave me dior miniature set when i went to see her in kl last june.sukaaaa eh!
kelak kmk share stories about my fav perfumes aa :)

prihandoko said...

saya juga suka keharuman. Kadang harum perfume itu menjadi identitas kita.

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