Wednesday, January 21, 2009

No Problem, Easy Life

Everyone has problems. You wouldn't be you if you don't have problems. You wouldn't know how much you love that someone till you lose them. You want to love someone so much because it makes you feel whole and happy, but knowing that the ones you love will leave (dies) you someday makes you sad. Life is like that, not fair we say sometimes, you can have all the wealth you want but not the love you long for. You can have all the love you want but have to work your ass off just to make ends meet.

I told my children there are people out there who aren't as lucky as we are. Some live in little homes with holes everywhere, with poor health and not much to eat. Always be grateful, study hard for a better life. With education, you can choose to do whatever you want I told them. 

Yes, I have problems myself. Paternal should I say, and other 'Relative'ly problems ...... Tough thinking bout it. But have to think, think how to solve it, the sooner the better. What I hate bout it is it's relating money. Yea, money is not everything but if you have more, it sure makes life easier. Then again, it could be worse. Hang in there I tell myself, don't dwell on it too much. I sure don't want to let all these thinking age me, no way! Still, you can't run away from your problems. It's there because you put it there yourself. I try to take things easy, one thing at a time. I also have 5 other people and 'Oden' (our Persian cat) in the house I have to take care of.

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