Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diamonds For Me

What woman doesn't like jeweleries. Me in particular, I love diamonds. Hhmmmm... sounds expensive, I know. If you want something really bad, there's no short cut to it. Have to work hard for whatever you desire.

I bought my first diamond in 1997, 5th year into our marriage. Couldn't afford it when we got married. It's a diamond solitaire white gold ring. Years later I bought my second solitaire ring (bigger than the first one), then I had to take it back to the goldsmith to exchange with cash. I was thinking to myself, why don't I bring the smaller one (my first diamond) to the goldsmith so I can keep the bigger one. But to me, the smaller one has a sentimental value. I remember how happy I was when my husband bought it for me...

The problem is, once you started, you want more. Later after my first purchase, I got myself a solitaire pendant, solitaire ear studs, few anniversary rings (each with 8 diamonds on it) and a 23 diamond-studded bracelet.

I purchased the 3 anniversary rings in few years apart, they are meant to be given to my 3 girls later. As for now, I wear them. You see, I don't want to wait when I'm 50 or when I'm retired to wear these fine jeweleries. I've been baking cheesecakes for more than 10 years, some of the purchases had come from the money I made from baking. The satisfaction of wearing diamonds only women know.

I'd rather spend my earnings on diamonds or gold, they last forever, unlike handbags or shoes. Today I still use the leather handbag I bought 10 years ago. Basically, I only have 2 wearable shoes. One pair I use for weddings or dinners, one pair for going to 'The Spring' or to get chicken breasts and veges for meals, I wear them allll the time. My husband bought me new slip ons when he got back from KL recently. So, I have 3 pairs. Clothes, as I mentioned earlier, I buy few and they last me forever. Oh yes, I bought few blouses & shirts last Raya. That should last me a few more years.

I want to 'see' my hard earn money so I wear them everyday. My sister once asked, "You wear your diamonds everyday?? I thought they're just for special occasions..." I told her I don't want the drawers to 'wear' them. Pay so much, why not wear? 

You tell me, don't diamonds make women feel more beautiful?


DrSam said... are forever. and it looks good on women too.

f.i.e.z.a said...

owh i love diamonds! u gave me an idea la i want to save some cash til i colud buy my own diamonds pendant.cincin xmok la.tggu hubby meli.hehhe..

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