Friday, January 30, 2009

Average vs Luxury

"Arman (screaming & crying his heart out) couldn't wait to cut his cake. Lucky enough to have a birthday cake !"

I don't remember ever having my own birthday cake when I was growing up. Unlike my husband, he had birthday parties, presents, lots of presents, on his birthdays. Birthdays were just like any other day for me when I was growing up, don't even remember it was noted as a special day for me. I come from a very average family, even fast food was pure luxury.

When I went through my husband's albums, I saw birthday fotos nicely arranged by my mother in law. His cousins would get together and gather around his birthday cake, him at the centre, fotos taken, glorious food on the table and birthday presents everywhere. I didn't have all that. It's okay, I turned out well, don't I??

When my husband was growing up, his parents would take him and his siblings to go places during the school breaks. They went to Singapore, Hong Kong, KL and would spend time shopping for toys and clothes. The furthers I've been to was Singapore, when I was 18. 

Our kids have bits of each of my very average life & my husband's luxury life. When my husband was a kid, he had all those things that were only dreamt by most of us average kids. Basically he could just ask for anything, he will get them. 

Now that we are on our own, my husband & I live an OK life with our kids. With that , I try to balance my kids' life based on my childhood days & my husband's. Just between average & luxury, but far far from luxury. But, they have fun, nice things, beautiful clothes, cakes on every birthdays (I held one party years ago for Ayu & Seri), trips to waterfalls, local beaches, and fast food once in awhile.

What I know, my kids are happy, that's a luxury you cannot buy.


elcynthia said...

same lane we have on bringing up our children here (mine- child). btw, was your son crying or what? his expression was funny... ^^

Ida Athanazir said...

...he's crying (and screaming) ...hehehe, he had to keep his hands to himself cause he was told to wait for his sisters to cut the cake together

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

i like the average way kind of life..a good way to discipline myself..then again, once or twice of splurging is ok..kan? (",)

Anonymous said...

true...and i respect tat part of u handling the family.

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