Thursday, December 11, 2008

Seri's RM1 Bangs

Seri... Seri, Seri. We used to call her G-Ah when she was a baby. She's our princess. Her dad used to nickname her our Ratu Air Mata. Cry cry cry, that's what she always did whenever I'm not in sight...... Always concerns of her appearances, not obsessed, but she must dressed smartly and appropriately. You'd never catch her dead in rags ...LOL! And her hair, she must always have her hair 'in place'. And she cuts her own hair. She's been cutting her own hair since she's 13.

I still remember when she was 4, she would go through my drawer and got all my hair clips out. One time she arranged my hair clips from her left ear all the way up her head and down to her right ear. Then, I realised this girl will have 'hair issues' when she grows up (even my hubby's cousin, Doc Dhir said, "jaga kitak duak, tok ada jadi model kelak"). At 5 years old, she can sanggul her hair nicely using a scrunchy and even a chop stick. I asked her, "How did you do that girl?" 'Like that like that la.... ." She answered me simply. She also did sketches. When she was in primary school, she would sketch on drawing blocks as if she was a designer and she did it wonderfully. Nice line and beautiful colours. Then she would paste her 'designs' on her bedroom wall. She also recognizes brand names, so good she even recognize who is Cavalli, or Galliano or Lagerfeld. My fashion magazines (foreign) are all over the house. She would flip through the pages for hours. But I don't mind it so much because she does well in school, as long she knows how to divide her time.

This she definitely did not take from me. I would just draw an 'orang kayu'. She takes after her dad, he's really good at art and drawings.

When friends knew she cut her own her, they asked her to cut their hair too. She would charge RM1 for bangs and RM2 for layers or cut. And they do this in the school's washroom during break time. I saw her 'work' when she did my sister's bangs, she is truly gifted. Nowadays, she trims her dad's & Arman's hair. One good thing is she knows how to earn money by doing this. Sometimes when she wants to buy something, she and Ayu (her elder sis) would fast for a few days so they won't have to spend their pocket money their dad gave them. That truly touches me, I would ask how much more she needs and I'll add to her budget.

Whenever I go out and wearing something not 'in', she would be the one to say, "Ma, is that what you're gonna wear?" Or "Ma, what's with your hair?" 

She's also good at household chores. If I need a spring clean, she would be the one I'd ask to help me. She would mumble, saying how dirty it is, how 'geli' she is. But she would get it done and she usually likes to do the cleaning herself, alone, her own way. That's Seri ....


n i e z a said...

she's truly one talented kid.u must be very proud..:)

Felicia F. Ramzi said...

beautiful mom, like daughters :)

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