Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Air Tangan

Hari Raya Aidil Adha is coming .... Went to see mom last Saturday, she told me the Laksa Sarawak I taught her how to do was delicious. The first time she did it, she boiled the rempah but did not drain. She added the coconut milk with the rempah still in the pot and her broth tasted like Air Periok. Hee... hee... "Mom, you're supposed to get rid of the rempah after you boiled it." I said to her. "Now I know how to do it, I'm gonna cook some for Raya Haji." She told me. She asked me to come visit her in the morning.

Usually, we would go to my in-law's place on Aidilfitri's & Aidiladha's mornings. Since my husband's grandparents past away, we changed routines. Aidilfitri to my in-law's first then to my mom's, Aidiladha to my mom's first then to my in-law's. Keep telling my mom not to cook so much but she always does, biasa lah... orang tua. She was not well years ago, she suffered 'sakit jiwa'. She's better now, still on medication but much better now. One time, she couldn't recognize us siblings. I was still in secondary school then, so I had to live with my dad. My parents were already divorced so my dad was the one who we relied on financially, for school and other stuffs. I pitied my younger sister, Siti, she was only 10 then. She had to follow my dad to the office everyday since no one was home to take care of her. Mom lived with my grandparents. I think my mom missed Siti the most because she was the youngest.

Then dad remarried .... My mom never did. Now she lives with my twin sis, Ina. Siti lives nearby so they see each other often, I'm glad. My mom is much much happier these days, I'm so glad. Can't imagine how it was like for her when she had to stay with her parents, without us around. She must have really missed us.

She would call sometimes for cooking tips. I asked her, "Mom, now you're asking cooking tips from me? I should be asking you." She told me I'm a good cook and used to tell me I take after our grandmother (the one on my dad's side), she would 'throw' stuffs together in the wok and WALLA! Dinner's ready! Mom said it's one's Air Tangan .... 

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f.i.e.z.a said...

mek suka laksa tp mek x pndei masak.hew hewww..my mum is d best cook ever,for me la..apa mok mkn req ajak, hehhe..

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