Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mummy (In Law) Dearest

We went for a family picnic today. It has been a very very long time since I've gone for a picnic. We went to The Matang Family park, we had our picnic by a river. Luckily it wasn't raining this morning, clear sky, cool and not sunny at all. I don't like to be under the sun too much, I tanned easily. 

I didn't do a full dip, just up to my thigh. Don't want the hustle to clean up, dry up, so I just watch my kids play in case they needed a 'lifeguard'. Talking bout lifeguard, someone did fall and almost swept away by the strong current.

My mother in law was going round in the river, the water was shallow but the current was very strong. Somehow she lost her balance, off her feet and started to get swept away. Most of us didn't notice it, she was quite 'calm' she didn't even scream for help! My sister in law's guy friend saw she fell and jumped in to help. But my mother in law managed to grab hold of a root in the water and pulled herself up to safety. Thank god... !!! I am close with my mother in law, she's great! And cool too. Some people say we are more like mother and daughter than in laws.

It wasn't easy at first when you first live with your in laws. They are total strangers and you always feel like you have to do everything right and always try to please them. But you can't expect other people to make it easy for you, you have to make it easy for other people for yourself. It was awkward at first, but I tried to put the 'kekok' feeling aside. Before, when she's cooking, I would always be asking her how she does things and talk about recipes. In other words, I tried to spend time with my in laws whenever possible, not just lock myself in my bedroom.

Now, when we go to my in law's house for lunch, she would cook at least one of my favorite dish. Be it ulam or ikan goreng or ikan masin. And she always want me to do the veges, she said I can cook the veges perfectly : )     And she makes a mean Mee Belacan!!


Kadus_Mama said...

My MIL lives with us too and like you say, it was very...very awkward at first. Me and my MIL even had a small fight at first! But thank god..we are doing fine now..! Maybe not as close as you and your MIL, but at least we can stay under one roof now.. :)

Ethel said...

Yeah, people always tell me horror stories about living under the same roof with your in-laws. But I think at the end of the day, it all comes down to how you choose to adapt yourself to the situation. One can live in peace and harmony if one chooses to do so. :)

Ida Athanazir from Kuching, Sarawak said...

yeah, never easy at first. lots of patience & tolerence dear.

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