Saturday, December 20, 2008

Friends for Life

Ina & I, foto taken earlier this year... don't we look alike??

Top : With my sisters, younger Siti (far left) & twin sis Ina (far right)

Left : Rozi & I

these 2 fotos taken bout 10 years ago

I have been downloading old fotos because my camera is broken. I wish I have a new one right now, I can write a lot more interesting stuffs that's been going on around me with new fotos. Have to wait for my budget, till then ... 

Last weekend, I got together with my old old friends, Rozi, Ros & my twin sis Ina (Ina is the oldest friend.. hee...hee....). Not easy setting the time & date because all of us have kids, altogether 10 kids to manage between the four of us. Rozi had to make a trip to her mom's first, Ros couldn't stay too long as her oldest baby (her hubby ...) had to go back to Tanjung Manis via express bus and she will have to prepare early dinner (she decided to just buy dinner when we realised it was already 6.30pm & our SMSs are 'beeping' already).  We met at 4 pm and we all had a blast, literally. We chatted, laughed our heads off and ate & drank glasses of iced teas & teh tariks. Just couldn't be bothered who were sitting next to us. I don't remember we ever got together like that, the last time was I think when we were still 17, in school some 18 years ago.

Good friends are never easy to find, Rozi and I had our hiccups. We were classmates since Primary 6 and Ros & I have been neighbours since we're 11, rode the same school bus and classmates when we were in Form 3. Rozi & I were in Form 4 & Form 5 together. We studied in Science Stream, she did well & continued her studies in Leeds, UK. She is now a senior Engineer with one of the local authorities. Ros has been in a local bank for the past 12 years and they both are doing so well in their respective lives. I'm proud of them.

I have few other good friends, you just know they are because you 'click'. I don't talk, or tex, or email as much as I like to with my friends but we stay in touch. But when we do get together, though brief, it's always fun.

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mummysyafie said...

allo, salam kenal

baruk nangga blog kitak. n ada sigek pic macam kamek kenal jak. siti ruziah ur sis ka? kirim salam ngan nya. lamak sik dgr cerita nya. oh ya, kamek ex schoolmate nya dolok rah greenian.

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