Sunday, December 14, 2008

Face the Fate & Fact

Saw the news, the people of Bukit Antarabangsa Tragedy got together and had a press conference. The representative (didn't bother getting his name) obviously angry, expressing his/their dissatisfactions over the authority's action not responding to their needs in time. They claimed they only got help after 48 hours. And he added when the YB or Minister came by, they're there just for publicity.

They are angry, we can understand that but I think they just want to blame somebody, simply that. What's done is done, just accept the fate. Of course I can't start to imagine how they all feel having to have to move out of their homes. I too would feel frustrated, angry, depressed and want to punch someone!

They say things happen for a reason.... mmm.. For us Muslim, we must have faith in Qada' & Qadar. Look at the world economy now, I'm no expert but I know a bit here and there. Things are looking so bad, even Honda is pulling out of F1. And Ford, GM & Chrysler are denied of the fund they're hoping for. Big giant companies laying off people. Who would have ever thought that all these big companies will ever be in financial crisis.

Talking bout financial crisis, I heard today 2 ex-colleagues were asked to resign. One had worked for the company for more than a decade and both of them were 'big people' amongst the people. I was told they both were sacked for Criminal Breach of Trust. Money problem laa (aren't everybody).... Sometimes people get so desperate, they can't think straight. Things are tough these days, even stealing may be the 'right' thing to do.

Whatever it is, we have to accept the fact and fate that the economy isn't gonna get better anytime soon. For you young people out there, start saving your money. Barang yang nak dibeli tak akan ada penghujungnya.... From what I gather, companies are looking for reasons to lay people off (and this's hot from the press: "Bank of America plans to cut up to 35,000 jobs" ...macam tak biasa). Do your work well (...IF you're still working), be 'amanah' and be good to colleagues. I had numerous experiences working with people who back stab, bad mouth and bla bla bla. Yes, you may think you did right and thinking why are people treating me this way, that way. Trust me, there is actually at least one 'crazy' person in every office. He/she may be a reporter (kaki kepo) to the boss, a back stabber, a two/five faced ....but take this person as 'cubaan' at your work place. If possible, don't associate too much with the person but if you have to, just be a good person. Sooner or later, the truth will always prevail ...amin.

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Kadus_Mama said...

i don't know in Kuching, but here in KL, it seems like no nothing wrong with our economy..everybody is still shopping like there is no tomorrow..maybe starting from next year, then only everybody will feel the pinch.

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