Thursday, December 11, 2008

Coffee & Breast Milk

Abang still asleep, made his cup of coffee trying to get him to wake up but he is still sleeping. The coffee's gonna get cold. Like usual, he was up all night till dawn doing his work online. 

And it is cold outside, raining since early this morning. I for one can't sleep in too long, it will give me headache. Ayu's already up so I joined her for breakfast, I asked her what she's having, she said maggi mee. I had 3 bites and some dry crackers with hot nescafe. Hhhmmmm ... must have a cup every morning. I won't have more than two cups a day though, takut tulang rapuh.. hee hee.... And I don't take much vitamins so have to watch my caffeine intake. And I was told if you breastfeed, the calcium in your body would decrease, something like that. I have been breastfeeding non stop for 16 years. The only time I didn't was while I was pregnant. I stopped breastfeed last year, when Arman was coming 4 years old. We had friends asking what's the best baby's formula and they were surprised that we never bought any. Once or twice adalah but most of the time my babies were fed with breast milk. Even when I was working, I pumped milk in bottles and papa would picked them up from my office for the baby, hee hee... breast milk delivery man.

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