Monday, November 24, 2008

Love Massages

Feels a bit pressed for time right now, my little 4 year old boy is waiting to use the computer. Yeah... that's why I'd prefer to do this early in the morning but was 'busy' earlier today. Had a great start today, me & my hubby gave ourselves facial scrubs to one another. He let me scrub (he's never let me give facials to him, too girly girly he used to say) his face,which is fun. I used 2 different brands and he preferred the one with the citrus based scent. Then I asked him to scrub my face... I do for u, you do for me.... hee.. hee... I also love it whenever he gives me massages. One time, we got into a big argument (one of few we had in our 16 years of marriage) and I didn't talk to him for a couple of days. 'Merajuk' laa.... That night I went to bed, my hubby climbed in and started massaging me from neck to toe. One of the nicest massages I ever had. Don't ask what happened next, you know I know... He doesn't say sorry much. Whenever we do get into an argument or a misunderstanding, his way of saying sorry is touching. But I do tell him I want him to say sorry, that I don't like him raising his voice because I have been a good wife I said.

I started another blog, it's where I share tips on health, sex, thoughts ... That's why I call it Love Body. I don't know much, hopefully you can share yours too and simply just leave comments. Not at all an expert on love or health or even sex, I just write what I know.

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zalina said...

I could start a blog like u too sis.. hmm but would be a totally 180degree perspective bout family, love and life ;)

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