Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Confinement Hubby

Got a call from my hubby's cousin this morning. She's about to give birth, for the first time. She's due anytime now. She has been calling me for advices, since I've had 4 children she thought I'm full of experiences with babies and stuffs.

When I had my first baby (AYU, now 16), we had a confinement lady. Then, it was cheap, RM250 for 45 days. She took care of the baby, the mommy, cook, and laundry. When we had our second girl (SERI, now 14), we were in KL. Confinement ladies were hard to find, and if you did, it would cost a fortune. I had urut lady came a few times and cost RM60 a pop. Didn't earn much then, so my hubby was my confinement lady. Our HANI (she's 10 now) had a confinement lady, we're already back in Kuching and paid her for a 30 days service. My hubby helped a lot. He's always great whenever I was on my confinement days... When we had our 4th child (ARMAN, now 4), there was no confinement lady. We thought we had the experiences (& we did) and wanted to save wherever we can. The only thing he didn't do was bath the baby. He would cook for me and the kids, prepare hot drinks for visitors, do the laundry, prepare the bath for the baby, apply herbs on my tummy and wrap me up using the 'bengkung'. Ah yes, there's more, he mopped the floor, cleaned after meals and drove kids to school. During my confinement, I try to look after myself as much as possible. I don't want to get all these body aches at old age, my mother-in-law always reminds not to 'langgar pantang'.

Friends asked how I manage to have flat tummy (though actually not smooth coz I too have strectch marks), I said 'Mesti tahan pantang. Nak cantik?? Tahan pantang at least 40 days'. The 'bengkung'(Indonesian style post-natal wrap) isn't comfortale to wear, I wore it almost most of the time. Except when I have a shower. I do believe looking great isn't hard to achieve ,but it 's not that easy either, you know ...everything has a price. You have to be discipline and if you really want to look good, have to work at it.

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Anonymous said...

salam ida,

juz tot of asking u whether do u by any chance know of any good confinement set? nowadays, there r a lot in the market.. sendayu tinggi, lisa formula, nona roguy, amway etc.. do u hav any personal opinions on any of these? im juz so impressed on how 'diciplined' u were during confinement period :) good job!
oh yeah, thanks in advance!

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