Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Cheesecakes for Lipsticks

Sold at RM90.00, sized 9x9 inch .... it actually tastes better than it looks, I can guarantee that !! 
Contains only 2 tablespoons of flour, the rest is up to your imagination. Delivery within Kuching city only.

Email to me to place your order:

I bake cheesecakes specially during festive seasons. This year I baked around 40 cheesecakes (New York style). Very very cheezy, only 2 tablespoons of flour you know. Not for the faint hearted...

I'd spend days in the kitchen baking and baking and baking then it was time to go shopping (just a little something for myself). Usually the time for me to shop is so limited specially if my last delivery is only 24 hours before 1st Syawal. I like to spend the money I earn, not asking from my hubby. Don't know why, its just so. One time, I just had to get these lipsticks. So I went to one of the most popular department stores and picked 2 lipsticks in less than 3 minutes, really!! It was almost time for breakfasting and thank god the queue was kind to me. When I reached the counter, SERI (she was I think about 9 or 10 at that time) saw what I was buying and shrieked (she's the kind who can't hide her emotion)!!

"Hah!?? One Hundred Fifty ma??!".

And I quickly snapped at her, "HEY!! I WORKED HARD FOR THESE LIPSTICKS OK!".

The cashier couldn't help but giggled at me. Give me a break laa....

When I was 7 months pregnant with ARMAN, I baked 50 cakes that year. Just couldn't say no to my customers. They kept asking for 'one more'... 'one more'. 'Ok lah, I will do for you'. That's what I would always say. I would bake allll day long till my feet couldn't hold my body any longer. It was really bad, when I stood straight, I could see my toes. I shouldn't be able to, but I could. Somehow my tummy 'flattened' or 'sunk in' a bit. Something like that.

The money I earn from baking cheesecakes usually I'd buy clothes for the kids and other stuffs for Hari Raya so we don't have to spend the work money. Hari Raya means extra spendings and I do not want it to affect our normal daily budget. Nowadays I don't even buy Hari Raya shoes for myself anymore, nor does my husband. The kids come first, get them whatever they need first.

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Ethel said...

Wow, that looks yummy! Any chance of you posting the recipe? I'm planning to bake chocolate cake for my roomies tomorrow. :P

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