Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Seri's Little Business

Seri, the family's makeup artist :)

It was supposed to be just doing makeup for one person.. her Papa and I were already outside the hotel entrance ready to pick her up last Saturday morning when she told us sister inlaw to the groom wanted makeup done on her too.

When this photo was taken, Seri had done doing makeup for 7 persons in 18 hours. I'm so proud of her but couldn't really talked with her about her makeup-service-marathon till she was done with the 9th person on Saturday evening. 

.... "Can't do no any more for now Ma. I've to concentrate with my finals for few weeks. Will take more clients in April."

Okay girl. Do what you have to do. Mama is always here for you whenever you need extra extra cash and online service if you need to purchase more professional makeup brushes or colour palettes 0_0

Hmmmm.., I never really looked what's in that jumbo makeup bag, haa well.., nothing I'd need anyways :D Hehehheheeee

All the best with your exams darling ! *heart*

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Arman and Irfan Won!

They represented their school SK St Joseph Kuching

Soooo proud of our son Arman! Syukor Alhamdulillah...

Last week they rehearsed literally every single day till Sunday, except Friday. By Friday night, Arman came down with a fever and had to delay his practice at school on Saturday morning for few hours and I told his Cikgu Wong he would need to rest for couple hours after taking his medication as I didn't want his temperature to shoot up again. 

Sunday morning Cikgu Wong phoned me, 

"Arman's mom... can you please bring Arman to my house today to rehearse?"

"Ohhh I see, I didn't know you guys was supposed to have a session today..?"

"Ohh no actually... Errmmm, you see, I had a nightmare last night.
Arman and Irman went blank in front of the crowd.. I'm scared."

that is a lot of lines to memorize O_O

Ohh dear ohh dear.., pity Cikgu Wong. She's really stressed out over this Poem Recital competition. Well, I was too as a matter a fact. When Cikgu Wong emailed me the poem Arman's supposed to memorize 2 weeks ago, I was kinda preeeeettty sure he wouldn't be able to memorize the 2 full pages of poetry......... (remember his pre-school concert speech??) Hello!! It was a lot to memorize hokayyy! See the two full pages?? But he proved me wrong. And why ohh why I was so sure he wouldn't be able to memorize all of it within few days?? Ohh man I should believe in him , what mother lah me -___-

They did so sooo well yesterday! 11 pairs participated in the Kuching Zone English Poetry Recitation Competition yesterday at the Chung Hua School No5 and Arman and his partner Irfan were named Champion!! :D

I know for sure his Cikgu Wong was the most delighted ;)

Congrats team SK St Joseph!!

NOooo not done yet.. They have another challenge to face, Choral Speaking competition this Thursday. 

All the best team SK St Joseph!! 

Friday, February 27, 2015

UTC Sarawak Official Launching by Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib

Syukur Alhamdulillah.. 

The day we all had been waiting for.

Thank you very much to our beloved Prime Minister, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak for officiating the UTC Sarawak last night, 26 February 2015. 

There was a lot to be done with the very limited time we had... I was in charge of delegating my colleagues being marshals at various points where the Prime Minister and his entourage would be doing their walkabouts inside UTC Sarawak, coordinating the tray ladies and Abang Rosli, who was on a wheelchair (he was assigned to hand the pen to our Prime Minister, very very exciting indeed for him!!) being placed next to the glass table where the Prime Minister was to sign two plaques. 

can you spot me.. heeheeheee ;)
abang Rosli on the wheelchair in grey shirt, I was standing behind him

Mostly I was occupied inside the building, whatever was happening outside was taken care by other Sarawak Government departments and the other UTC representatives from Sabah, Johor, KL etcs.. Dayang Nurfaezah performed on the main stage outside the UTC building, only took a peek outside once, saw her, and that was it. As usual, the crowd went wild when she first came out. Was like a mini concert outside, and I could only listen from inside of the building :) So glad it didn't rain!!!!!!! TQ ya Allah ... 

On our feet two days straight, like really. Both days we worked from 8am - 11pm. I tell you my colleagues are just the best! Super tired, feet hurting, stomach growling, still we managed to smile and teased and laughed because we're happy to be working together gether.. aawwwww :D 

HOkAy geng! We've covered VVVIP, I think we can do just anything now aehh..???!

Err.. let that be another 5 years ya boss? Heeheeheee.. 

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