Sunday, September 21, 2014

ZALORA Goes Offline In Sarawak

ZALORA Fashion Show held at CityONE Megamall ground floor on Saturday, 20.9.2014,
featuring the latest collection from the ZALORA label :)

ZALORA, Asia's Leading Online Fashion Destination celebrated the launch of their first pop-up store in East Malaysia yesterday in CityONE Megamall, Kuching. Borneo Love was truly honoured to be invited to the star studded event. The launch opened by AF winner Stacy, followed by a fashion show led by local celebrity model Carron Kho.

Luca and Anna during the press conference

"We are very proud to present our own ZALORA Label collection here in Kuching. Looking at the positive feedback which we have received from our previous pop-up store in Johor Bahru back in July this year, we hope that it will bring custoners in Kuching as much joy as it did there," said Luca barberis, marketing Director of ZALORA. "Although ZALORA started off as an online fashion destination, we do not want or plan to restrict ourselves to the online retail platform," he adds, Luca Barberis, explained that the inspiration to open a pop-up store in Kuching came when he looked into the number of orders that came from the region, which contribute to over 25 percent of the total orders made on 

The 2,ooo square-feet pop-up store features ZALORA's bestsellers such as EZRA by ZALORA and ZALIA (the latest Muslimah line) as well as their latest collection from the ZALORA label. The store's items range from accessories and clothes to shoes and other ensembles, welcoming walk-in customers daily from 10am-10pm. The offline store also gives shoppers an option to browse through the ZALORA website and purchase other items online that are not available in store using the store's digital shopping station, thus, giving customers and even larger variety of items to choose from. The pop-up store will operate from the 16th to the 30thth of September 2014, at CityONE Megamall Ground Floor, Kuching, Sarawak. 

Tea was lovely, but didn't manage to finish everything in our plates, as I was so so so busy busy excited telling Anna she cannot cannnnnnottt leave Kuching without going to Top Spot!! Hehheheeee... I'm glad they went last night :D

Brought along my trusted assistant, darling daughter Ayu,
as my trusted photographer ;)

It was also Sabrina's first time in Kuching :)

With Luca and Anna
It was fun meeting all of them. Thanks so much ZALORA for the invite.
And thank you for the shopping vouchers and new watch, love them! ;)

One for the album... with beautiful Anna, ZALORA PR Manager

'khadeja' is made from rose quartz gemstone chips
and glass stones

And my Outfit Of The Day, wearing my very own
'khadeja' by hanicomb :)

Do come again ZALORA!! :*

*** Visit ZALORA MarketPlace and learn more about how to sell 
your product on ZALORA. 

Friday, September 19, 2014

UTC Sarawak at Top Spot Taman Kereta

photo taken on Sept 3rd, 2014 :D

Some of you still has no idea the existence of UTC Sarawak.

It is located at Top Spot Taman Kereta  (one the properties that the company I'm working manages), on Level 4 and Level 5. You can do almost everyyyyyyyyyyything here! I mean, your routine monthly money-bye-bye thingy lahh... ;)

DBKU, Tabung Haji, Mara, PTPTN, Sesco, Kuching Waterboard, TM,
Jabatan Pendaftaran, Imigresen, JPJ ... have branches here.

Opens from the time you start work, till 9pm at night, everyday except Public Holidays. Then, you can spend more money at the iconic Top Spot Kuching, one of Malaysia's most popular seafood haven :*

That foto of me, on Aras 2 UTC Sarawak is the first official foto of UTC Sarawak to be uploaded on FB and instagram... Yessss! :)

The official launching would take place next Friday, 26 September 2014, and by then, all the government agencies must have their service counters operating full swing. 

had to man the information counter at the UTC Sarawak lobby for couple of days last week as we were still in the midst of selecting the right candidates for the job

Had a bit of work needed to get done at UTC today, and after taking some photos for the new leaflets I decided to swing by to JPN to see if ex colleague Elvie was on duty. So lucky I was, only intended to say hello to her but I ended up redoing my identity card :D YeAyyYYY!

Thanks Elvie darling! :*

And you, bila lagi?? heheheee...

Till next post, have a beautiful weekend loves ;)

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Stressed Depressed But Well Dressed

one of my OOTD Saturdays this month (6.9.14)

We found this wall, and my kids decided I should take few shots with it last last weekend. And the caption that went with this photo was ..

"stressed, depressed but well dressed" ;)

That's an original by Seri my daughter hahahahaa LoL :))

This Saturday, I'll be attending a special event by Zalora. What I don't like about all this is, the stress of thinking what to wear. ohh man.


But one thing for sure, I'm excited to wear one of my necklaces. Finally a necklace

Now, what to go with Levis jeans and hanicomb necklace..?? 

We'll see :D

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