Tuesday, May 19, 2015

3 More Days! *hanicomb on TV3 WHI

Alhamdulillah, thank you so much Wanita Hari Ini for the invite.

We're given a demo slot that will be aired live this 
Friday 22.5.2015 at 12 noon, in shaa Allah. 

Of course I've been so busy with the preparations, hopefully I have enough necklaces for display and that I won't be forgetting anything important... 

My stomach twists every time I think about this -__-

A little bit nervous, I'm not gonna say I'm all cool about it. It's LIVE TV and what I keep telling myself is, 

*** don't ever scratch any part of your body while live on air!! ***


Tuesday, May 12, 2015

ANOF 2015 - A Night Of Fashionista

If it weren't for these ladies, I couldn't have made it all by myself last weekend. And while I was enjoying a VVIP treatment on the beautifully decorate dinner table, my daughters had to man our booth all night -__- I ate with so much guilt, kept peeking outside the ballroom to see if each one of them was still standing O_O

Thank you Ayu, Seri and Hani... we'll be doing more of this in the future loves!! 
heeeheheheee... :D

There you go! I'm no fashionista and that was why I was one of the sponsors, and that was also the reason why I was not eligible to be crowned Fashionista Of The Night ;) Heheheeee.. I'll just be happy designing necklaces and accessories for fashionistas to wear, Thank You. 

But I love what I wore, everything is just so comfortable and simple. Except I had to suck in all the way in when I was called up to the stage to received a bouquet from the organizer. You thinkkk??! I had only few spoonfuls of chicken fish meat and was already so bloated ohhhh man! Did not have enough time to shop for a corset.. WAiT! I have one in my closet just remembered. Yup. So me. Purchased. Brought back home. Kept in the closet nicely. After several years it's still there. Never used :/ 

I mean, how do you even breathe in it ? I'm turning blue from just the thought of having it on >_< 

My outfit is soooo plain. I added bits of beadings on the sleeve, was just playing with my needle and beads actually, but it turned out ok. But I don't take orders for baju ya peeps! It's such a tedious work beading on satins. phewwwww..

This pic was sent to me by one of the organizers, there are more where this came from just can't wait to see them. Love it so much as you can actually see each and every colour I used to make my newest creation 'asha'. 

Had the best view :)

And here he is the man himself, Putra Aziz,
House of Cosry designer. 

Such a humble person :) I was seated only two seats away from him and had a bit of chat about his next fashion show in KL for the Hari Raya collection, In Shaa Allah will be seeing him in KL next week.

I couldn't be more happier with our pop-up booth at the Kuching Hilton for ANOF 2015 (9 may 2015). For a first timer, I honestly think we did well decorating. And I'm pretty sure I will do myself my children's wedding dais :D 

And my mother in-law's reaction to that!?  

'You go Girl !!' 

hahhaaaahaha.. well, she didn't exactly SAY THAT!! She agrees
with my idea setting up wedding dais by ourselves, in shaa Allah :)

The best part was, everywhere I turned there were guests wearing hanicomb, felt so so honored. At some point I did think how I managed to get this far... Errr okay.., Let me answer that, in case any of you wondering..

 perseverance :)

And even the Fashionista of The Night came wearing hanicomb, and went back with a new hanicomb necklace! Err ohh, it wasn't because she was wearing 'mercier' she won the title. The organizers agreed Nadeha's look deserves the win :)

Congrats again Nadeha!

Zul (far left) and Sophia (centre)
They are the ones responsible for this event. 
Can't wait for the next ANOF!!

I didn't take enough photos of everyone that night.. Was too busy mingling 
and turning left and right for no reasons.. baahahahaa

One for the album! With Sophia the organizer for ANOF2015 
and Dewi of Odd Haus. 

I have quite a busy 10 days ahead of me. Will update more ya, till then.. HUGSSS!

Thursday, May 7, 2015

From Pop-Up To Wedding

some of the deco items for our pop-up booth tomorrow night

It's not often my team (my children!) and I do pop-up booth for hanicomb, we did a couple some time ago but it was done in a very very modest set-up :) Received an invite about a month ago to open up a booth at a dinner function that's going to happen tomorrow night at the Kuching Hilton, they call it 'A Night Of The Fahionistas' ;) 

Totally psyched! Can't wait to do the setting up and how it will turn out. A few friends suggested I hire a decoration team but I prefer a DIY, good or bad, I don't have anyone else to blame but myself... Anyways, all the items won't be of recycled ones, most of the stuff I'm gonna use are brand new and , dust-free! :P

So, I've given it a thought, any of my children who's gonna get married, I will be the one who's gonna do the pelamin (wedding dais). Yes I will in shaa Allah. Paying thousands, I might as well use that money to buy all the what not, curtain materials, plastic flowers, throw pillows.. and oh ya!! The love seat, after the wedding, they can take the love seat to their new home. Brilliant idea!! heheheeeee.. That's just what I've been thinking laa, we'll see. 

But I'm the one person, who doesn't really believe in paying thousands to decorate engagement/wedding dais, then only not able to keep NOT one single one of the decorative items O_O Thousands bye bye *gulp*

That's just my opinion... Or I might just hire, given the stress of organizing a wedding could actually kill ya! =) Hhahahaaaa Never say Never they say.

Haiiisshhhhh! Hahahahaaa from pop-up booth to wedding dais?? Hahahaaaa.. long way to go lah. But it's good to plan you nohhh!? 

I don't usually wear skin color shoes, but when I put on my daughter's pair, I've completely fell in love with them...

So, I went hunting for my own pair and found these at Vincci :) Just what I need for tomorrow's Fashionistas Night.

Am just feeling a bit overwhelmed right now coz haven't finished sewing the necklace I'm supposed to wear for tomorrow night.. ohh man -__-'  But I managed to add some beadings on my plain top, not too much though, since I will have a necklace on me, I don't want to look like a walking Christmas tree now do I?? :]

beading on my sleeve top

Hokay, it's getting late.. If you wanna meet 'elsa', 'cheche', 'judee', 'kathleen', 'hajar' in person, come by our pop-up booth at the Kuching Hilton tomorrow, Saturday 9 May 2015, from 5pm onwards. 

Have a beadalicious weekend peeps!! :*

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