Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dato' Siti Wears hanicomb :)

Malaysia's No 1 artiste Dato' Siti Nurhaliza
wears hanicomb 'hana' statement necklace and she sang one my fav songs
'Jaga Dia Untukku' wearing it :D

hanicomb is deeply honored. Having the country's No 1 artiste wear your accessory is already mind blowing enough, but when Dato's Siti Nurhaliza chose to wear hanicomb 'hana' statement necklace to receive the prestige 'Asian Music Legend Award' last Friday night at the Top Asia Corporate Ball 2014, I was literally having a seizure! =)


21 November 2014

My kids had to calm me down.. That Friday morning I was informed by a dear friend that the beautiful songstress had worn 'hana' days earlier when she was performing at the Majlis Santapan Diraja Sempena Hari Keputeraan DYMM Sultan Kelantan Darul Naim. How could I have missed that one!! -__-

I have no words to describe this feeling. Syukur Alhamdulillah thank you ya Allah for all this blessings... I'm sure, my late Bapak would have been very very proud of me :')

Most of the photos were uploaded by Dato' Siti's assistant Rozi. Yes yesss I'm gonna upload ALLLLLL of them :D Well hey! This don't happen everyday you know but 'hana' was very lucky, the gorgeous singer wore 'hana' at least during 3 occasions... One photo was by the lovely @fyzakadir30 (on instagram).



I simply do not know what else to say :)

Thank you so much Dato' Siti Nurhaliza and her assistant Rozi for these awesome opportunities. Beyond words! The feeling is beyond words. Thank you again and again and may Allah continues to shower you with His blessings and may you're grant with perfect health and life long happiness, Amin, Amin..

Get on instagram, go to hashtag #hanicombhandmade,
 and watch 2 short video clips Dato's Siti performing wearing the blinging 'hana' ;)

A week before receiving the Asian Music Legend Award 2014, Dato' Siti wore 'hana' at
Majlis Santapan Diraja Sempena Hari Keputeraan DYMM Sultan Kelantan. Loooooove how she styled her outfit and tudung. And look at her makeup! Divine! :D

So much more I wanna blog but time.. There's just not enough time in a day. 

HOkAy love, gotta go now. Loads more to sew and the weddings in November and December are keeping us at hanicomb factory very very busy, syukur Alhamdulillah. 

Till next post... :*

photo credits ~ @rozisangdewi and @fyzakadir30 on instagram.

Monday, November 10, 2014

Second Week :)

Last Saturday meeting at WI office, 
wearing persian green shawl by @zaitunshawls
and pua kumbu cardigan by @theikats

Second week into my new routine Alhamdulillah, I'm finding it kinda therapeutic actually. May sound a bit unusual to you, but I'm loving the prepping up bit ;)

I am spending extra more of time in front of the mirror lately, and honestly I have to say, it's a good way to start the day. Hahhahaaa.. How come I never knew this!?? Because usually I don't spend long hours getting myself ready before leaving the house. I'm always rushing, and like.. faster faster ChoP Chop!! But now, I take my sssweeeeeeeeet time :)

But I prefer the simple style, because I am not that young anymore, I don't want to look too cluttered you know.. So impressed with some of the styles I see young ladies wear their hijabs on instagram and facebook, very trendy but still covered and proper :)

Wouldn't want to start going crazy purchasing unnecessarily now, I've been reminding myself... You can get too carried away buying shawls, don't you agree?

*saw another site online last night, maybe I'll ---- * STOP * !

Realizing I do need few more to wear in rotation during the week, I went back to the one particular store I purchased the Naelofar shawl for my Hijabstailista TV9 shoot two weeks ago :D

Got myself couple more of the naelofar shawls, and half a dozen of @zaitunshawls (find them on instagram). Soooo happy I found this brand! Personally, I think @zaitunshawls has superb quality chiffon shawls, and best of all, the owners are Sarawakians! 

Practicing my life principle peeps ~ "Support Our Own" ! YESSSSS!  ;)

You can get their shawls at Fadya Boutique Kompleks Islam Kuching, or whatsapp them direct. The contact details is available on their instagram account. 

And I don't put away my old shawls, had few (still good) tucked away in my closet for years. Now, they are all lined up together with my brand new colourful ones :)

Love this years old shawl, that was given to me by one of my besties
Salbiah, I love it so much I avoided wearing it too often... all the way from Mecca :)

I am excited to do more OOTD =D

There's a place I have been visiting lately and I've purchase few new cardigans 
from the boutique. Will share the info real soon ya? 

Till next post... :*

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Weekend Shoot With TV9

When you have grown up daughters, you have no choice but to listen to their criticisms, on going naggings about what to wear, what you need (for a TV shoot for goodness sake!) and which beauty products are the best. One time, I got so fed-up and perplexed I walked out of Sephora cause I couldn't take it anymore! I didn't know much about makeup and yet I was told I DIDN'T KNOW about makeup. Well yeaa! Just please tell me something I didn't know hokayyy .. ! *what's all the fuss? almost gave up on getting new makeup for the TV shoot. yup, went on sulking mode for a minute there*

I took deep breaths and got myself a lipstick and pretty lipgloss at MAC. Then went over to Parkson and bought Chanel foundation and Clinique easy to rinse mascara. Eye shadow with blusher multicolor quad case I bought at Sephora, my first time at Sephora since opening its doors to Kuching. Yup! I'm always the last person. HnM has been in Kuching for a week, no. I've not gone. I'll swing by probably end of this month, maybe.. The reason why I haven't gone?? I'm pretty sure the queue at the payment counters would take forever. So, I can wait.

The preparations > > >  Makeup, check!


Another headache. Only managed to squeeze time to look for my tudungs a week before the shoot. I had to settle with what I found. Got to know about inner magic from facebook and purchased a couple after getting bits of input from a colleague about which pattern is most suitable for my big face O_O

Then I was ready!

Or so I thought.. 

Only when everything is over, the things that kept bugging were...

** shouldn't have worn too bright

** should have worn the other top, with one of my blazers

** shouldn't have put on too much makeup

should erf.. should eff... non stop should erf 


But nothing beats the experience!

This is my very first time ever being interviewed on TV. There were times the producer kept.. "One more time. One more... One more ladies.."

I thought, you could do that a hundred times darlin' I won't mind it ;)

Sunday morning

It was a full two day shoot. By Sunday morning, I was already looking so puffy from feeling so tired and dehydrated after shooting a day before in the beautiful weather at Sarawak Cultural Village. Itttt WAS scorchinggg hot ohhh myyyyy and all I said to myself was, 


Imagine. That was also the first time I wore hijab. Allahu Akbar! Thank you God for getting me through the day! Alhamdulillah, I did not faint embarrassing myself or gave the Hijabstailista TV9 crew any big problems. Simply followed the producer's instructions, pretended as if we were all shooting in a 20 degrees weather, smiled smiled smiled and avoided anything that could cause myself from tripping. 

Atif the sweet producer said, just be yourself, and chat away as if it's an ordinary day.. yeaaaa right o_o

I was sweating under my armpits even we were shooting indoors with two airconds turned on with fans at every corner! Nerve wrecking. So nerve wrecking when the cameras were rolling but was a whole load of fun! ;)

Saturday morning

Brought daughter Ayu along as my assistant :)
Thanks my angel! :*

With @faatinakib (find her on instagram), the beautiful TV9 Hijabstailista host and fellow Sarawakian designer, Nisha of @theikats (she has like almost 20k followers on instagram!)

We met online sometime last year ;)
Purchased a super cool cardigan from her, and she purchased a hanicomb necklace.. 
.. but this was the first time we saw one another eye to eye *heart*

hahhaa.. I was not born to model :P

Sunday afternoon

Thank you so much to Hijabstailista TV9 for the rare opportunity.
It was such a memorable experience, missing the crews so much.
Hopefully one day we'll meet again in shaa Allah.. 

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