Friday, February 27, 2015

UTC Sarawak Official Launching by Prime Minister YAB Dato' Sri Mohd Najib

Syukur Alhamdulillah.. 

The day we all had been waiting for.

Thank you very much to our beloved Prime Minister, Yang Amat Berhormat Dato' Sri Mohd Najib Bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak for officiating the UTC Sarawak last night, 26 February 2015. 

There was a lot to be done with the very limited time we had... I was in charge of delegating my colleagues being marshals at various points where the Prime Minister and his entourage would be doing their walkabouts inside UTC Sarawak, coordinating the tray ladies and Abang Rosli, who was on a wheelchair (he was assigned to hand the pen to our Prime Minister, very very exciting indeed for him!!) being placed next to the glass table where the Prime Minister was to sign two plaques. 

can you spot me.. heeheeheee ;)
abang Rosli on the wheelchair in grey shirt, I was standing behind him

Mostly I was occupied inside the building, whatever was happening outside was taken care by other Sarawak Government departments and the other UTC representatives from Sabah, Johor, KL etcs.. Dayang Nurfaezah performed on the main stage outside the UTC building, only took a peek outside once, saw her, and that was it. As usual, the crowd went wild when she first came out. Was like a mini concert outside, and I could only listen from inside of the building :) So glad it didn't rain!!!!!!! TQ ya Allah ... 

On our feet two days straight, like really. Both days we worked from 8am - 11pm. I tell you my colleagues are just the best! Super tired, feet hurting, stomach growling, still we managed to smile and teased and laughed because we're happy to be working together gether.. aawwwww :D 

HOkAy geng! We've covered VVVIP, I think we can do just anything now aehh..???!

Err.. let that be another 5 years ya boss? Heeheeheee.. 

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Of Shawls & Fishes


here I'm wearing chiffon shawl by online boutique 
@fanacouture on instagram

T'was a lovely day last yesterday.. Sunny all day long, dry but still cool and windy :) Left the house at 11am to settle quite a few errands; bought some ingredients to bake few cheese cakes, poslaju two parcels to West Malaysia, groceries, visited my inlaws ... then it was time for few huge cuppas of fatty drinks! Before we headed home, daughter Ayu, sister Siti and I stopped by at the Kuching Waterfront for some iced coffee, nyummsss!! =)

So, I have been looking for D perfect shawl and my picked were the ones by @fanacouture and @sookascarf, other than about a dozen shawls (or more I think..) by Zaitun Shawls and Naelofar that I really love! And ermm.., I'm only into shawls, for now. Not a real fan of the instant ones. Well.., I don't know, maybe I'll get my hands on one of two of the instant head scarves, we'll see.

Super in love with @fanacouture and @sookascarf colour collections and the materials they use. Light weight chiffon, cool but not too sheer. And I purchased them during their promotional periods which only cost me about RM100 for 3 pieces ladies (excluding postage).

here, I'm wearing chiffon shawl by online boutique 
@sookascarf on instagram

with my darling son, he just turned 11 years old last month.. my baby

Was so occupied during the day with work and running errands, hubby and I only decided to go out to 'celebrate' our day at 9:30pm last night. Actually only was planning to go for drinks, and I was in the mood for a jumbo glass of fruit juice. Sssluurrrppp

But when we got there, somehow, the nice ambiance romantic setting had set my stomach on fire!! Hahahahaa...! Instantly we both became hungry when we saw the menu. 'Sayang, we order and share laahh...' I suggested.

NO. we didn't share. We had a plate each :P

lovely plattings at Chef At Home

Hubs had some of my delicious salmon, I had some of his fish and chips. Yup it is a surprise I could finish everything, because this was our second dinner for the night 0_0


Happy Anniversary sayang, all my love.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

How To Clean Your Precious Handbags

The older I get, the less time I have to do the necessary spring cleanings and sorting outs. So I've made a point recently, I must make time to do bits of clearing up around the house every single day. I'd skip some days though.., but, I'll make sure I must make up for the days I missed. 

As I was saying, I am getting older, I should try to have less things to clean. I should try to organize my life in a way that, wouldn't stress myself up on a day to day basis, you know what I mean?? But being a woman, I have made my life a bit extra complicated over the past couple of years. Now I don't have to mention the nightly beading bit... That is already like putting on a pair of bra every single day :P I have more things to upkeep now.

So, last weekend, I was clearing one of my closets and decided my precious leather handbags need some cleaning. Ohh mannn, I thought. Ohh man ohh mannn. So much to do -___-  Like so much to do at once!

Then, Ok it's ok. These are your precious babies, be patient be gentle... Treat it like a, like one of your therapy sessions I was telling myself.

And speaking of therapeutic, I don't know if I ever told you this, one of the things that I find relaxing is, ironing. Personally, I have always hated ironing, but being a mother and wife, I have to force myself into doing it each time. But funny enough, midway, or 5 minutes into ironing, I'd find myself daydreaming or starting 'making plans' and going through my daily to-do list in my head. Hmmm and yes, there were even times, I would resolve few problems while ironing :)

Back to my cleaning :D

A personal shopper had included a little packet that contains some leather cleaning material which I know I had put it away where I thought I'd find it easily if the time ever comes for me to use them.

Guess what. I have no idea where I kept it. 


What to do now. 


Sooooo thankful for youtube! 

So, straight away I grabbed my laptop and started googling. Well  ya, I needed as much info I can get coz I don't want to regret it later after I successfully ruining my precious handbags! NO NO NO. O_O





I tell you! I'm telling you I was sooooooo lucky I couldn't locate the cleaning material Man OHHH MaNNN I was so LUCKY!! Phewwwwww..! Uh-UH. You are not supposed to just simply use any kind of leather lotion, cream, wipes on your Louis Vuitton leather bags. 

click on these links >>>

I do not want to say too much here. Just go to the link and listen for yourself yaa.. And yup! I did stumble upon that particular youtube video where a lady demonstrated how she cleaned her Louis Vuitton purse using baby wipes O_O And I was ready to do the same!

It's getting late. Hope you find this little info useful :*

Till next post.. 

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