Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sunglasses @ ZALORA

Sunglasses are one of my must haves accessories. I don't wear much accessories though... I think you notice that, except for my ear studs, wedding ring, wrist watch. But I definitely cannot live without my cool sunnies ;) I'm basically the family chauffeur, so I need a good pair of sunglasses for my protection from the harmful solar radiation. 

I just realized over the years I've been dependent on just a pair of sunglasses. I should have more, everyone should have more than just a pair!

Sunglasses as we know serves as a form of accessory for both men and women to dazzle up our outfits.. Lemme show yaaaa..

I'm a mother to 4 children, I work full time and owns a little online business, I must work extra hard to look chic, all the time. Though probably half the time I don't really bother to really get all dressed up but, I must at least have my sunglasses, because it's the easiest way to perk up a look.

I'd say a pair of good sunnies makes you feel slimmer instantly! Heheheee... It sort of gives you a boost in style and confidence everywhere you go. When you feel good (don't matter how slim or not slim you are), you're confident, when you're confident, the world is just at the tip of your finger ;) No matter what your face shape is, wearing a perfect pair will instantly transform your face into a perfect symmetry, not to mention making you look more fabulous and superbly attractive! We women and men will select the sunglasses which would best fit our style (and which would look good if rested on our heads!), to achieve a more refined and structured look which directly shows off a sense of sophistication. Yaa yaa..!! I feel like a million dollars all the way to my early Sunday morning laksa peeps! Hidden behind my cool sunglasses are my puffy not-working-today lazy eyes, yet... I feel like a Hollywood superstar. *too much Nurul? hope not yaa ;) hehehee..*

If you bumped into me at the laksa cafe, you might catch me still have my sunglasses on while enjoying the yummy Laksa Sarawak =) It works so well as a good shield, to protect my eyes from the accidental 'shots' from the spicy broth! hahhaaa..
Yup! Coz I'm very clumsy :P

The perfect sunglasses are definitely the easiest way to boost up your style without having to buy new clothes or wear makeup. Look a me, I AM D PerFecT example peeps o_o

Bad hair day, no makeup, crumpled old shirt..
A great pair of sunglasses always saves the day :D

Wondering where to buy a new pair of sunglasses? Check out ZALORA as they offer a wide range of super cool sunglasses including aviator, wayfarer, oversized and more from various brands for both men and women. 


I just have to upload this next pic..

He makes me fall in love with him over and over again :* [wink wink]

With a pair of hot shades you guys don't need to say much to get a date, forget the pick-up lines you guys. Let your James Bond walk and Brad Pit look do the talkin' ;)

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